Tuesday, September 28

:: happy birthday ::

Happy Birthday to Hannah Bergmann ! Hannah is turning eleven in about 12 hours , so let's all post a comment and wish Hannah Happy Birthday!

P.s. I did not take this stunning picture . Isn't Beautiful, though ? !

Friday, September 24

:: fallapalooza party ::

Come join the fun ! Below the Plateau is having a blog party ! After you answer the questions, (Below ) Link up !

1. If you could live in one of Jane Austen's Novels , which one would it be , and what character would you want to be ?

According to quiz's , I am Lizzy Bennett , and I would most defiantly want to be her . And of course, I would want to be in Pride And Prejudice .

2 . Chocolate or Carmel ?

I love both ! Especially dark chocolate , but because I must chose one ... I guess Carmel .

3. Ring ! Ring ! You receive a phone call from a national sweep stakes organization saying that you have won a life long supply of your favorite beverage . What would it be ?
Limeade Slushies ! They are most delicious on hot summer days ! Yummy !

4. What is your theme song ? The song that most matches you ?
I have no clue ! I'll have to figure out what my song is !
5. You are trapped on a deserted island , with only your clothes on you , and five other things . What are five things ?
~ Matches
~ A weapon
~ A tent
~ A cellphone ( To call for help ! )
~ The Bible
6. If you could go anywhere in the entire world on a vacation , where would you go ?
I would love to go to Italy , France , Greece, Spain , Russia , Japan , China, Norway ....In other words , I would love to tour all of Europe , plus a few other countries ! Actually , the whole world ! LOL!

7 . Favorite TV show , and why ?
I love Lucy ! Why ? Because , she is absolutely hilarious !

( Yes , I do LOVE LUCY ! )

8. Are you a coffee and donuts gal , or a tea and scones lady ?
Let's see ... Would Mocha and donuts count ? LOL !
9. The time machine has been created , and you're the first to try it ! What era would you want to travel to ?
The regency era ! I loved the dresses , and , I would love to do all the balls !

10. If forced to do , which one would you do ? Sky diving or scuba diving ?
Well , I wouldn't want to do either . But I have to say , maybe Sky diving . Just because I would be scared of a shark coming and having a tasty dinner .
11 . What was your favorite toy as a baby ?
I had a fake fur mink that I would carry around with me everywhere ! It was my snuggle buddy , playmate , fake pet , and imaginary baby . I loved that thing !
12. What was the last movie you watched ?
The Out- of- Towners ! It is extremely funny ! It reminded me of my family and I taking one of our road trips ! So funny !

13. What type of blogs do You like best ?
Hmmm... I love everyday life and photography blogs the best !
14. What is your favorite bible verse ?
I am fearfully and wonderfully made ... Ps. 139 :14
15.Ding dong ! your favorite actor / singer / celebrity is at your front door . Who would it be ?
Don Knots ! He was a natural comedian ! He made everybody laugh ,and forget about their burdens of the day !

And that's it folks ! Hope it was fun for you ! And don't forget to join the party , too !

Monday, September 20

:: random things ::

1. Sorry !

I give my apology for not writing a post in nearly a week ! But , I have an excuse ! I've been very busy lately with school ( *Of course!*) and sports ! As most of you may not know ... I play with the Green Bay Home school group . So... my mother has to drive me to the big home of the Packers three times a week , and this city is quite far ! (* An hour exact !* ) So...that is why posting has been a little slow !
2. Decor

I went to Goodwill ( One of my most top rated stores ! LOL ) the other day to look for a skirt , and,to look at their costumes (to see if they had any civil war things ) which might come in handy for our annual Civil War ball! However,I did not succeed in finding any of the two . But ... I found these splendid decorations for me room for Only a dollar ! I was quite pleased ! * I edited this photo , and its "look "greatly improved, but it seems that the computer is going a little wacky --
it decided that it didn't want to save the photo ! So thus, the poor photo !

3. Headband

I bought this head band from a lady who makes shorts for the public school team and these amazing headbands ! I could not pass up buying one ,as well as seven other ones for my volleyball team ! I love 'em' !

* Blurry photo ! Ack! *

4. Scarves

I like to wear scarves with some outfits ( as does my sister ) and when I found these scarves at a flea market , I couldn't pass them up !

The springy yellow one

The fall one !

5. Ring
I've been looking for a silver ring with just a single gem. Something simple. I found this one ... I again couldn't restrain myself and bought it ! I purchased it at the same place where I bought the scarves ! I love It !!!!!!!

6. A Pleasant Surprise

My father and brother were in Canada on a father / son fishing trip along with a few other relatives . They weren't expected to come back until yesterday . (They left last Friday .) I was missing really missing them, for they had been gone almost 9 days ! I said ," I wish daddy would come home soon !" An hour later ,my dad pulled in the driveway ! I was thrilled ! ( Maybe wishes do come true ? Just kidding ! ) They decided that they were tired of fishing ,and that they would rather come home a day early . I was so glad they did !

7 . Hooray !!!!

I made it ! I made it to 15 followers ! I am counting my own picture for my sister Stacy . Because for some reason , she can't follow since we have the same email address . And because of 15 followers ... I am having a special post ! But you must wait for the Post ! Be Patient , for it may not come for a week !

8. Welcome

I just want to welcome all my new followers ! Thank you for following ! I really appreciate it !

9 . Thank you !

And I just want to thank all my followers for following my blog , too ! It means a lot ! You're all so wonderful and great ! Love you all so much !

10. Happiness is ...

Happiness Is...
Happiness is...
Taking photos of God's creation .
Happiness is...
Playing Volleyball !


This was a really random post , but I hope you enjoyed it ! Have a great week everybody !

P.s. Like I said before , the computer is acting really weird , so sorry about the spacing !

Wednesday, September 15

Happiness Is ...

Happiness Is...
Happiness is ...
Reading a good book , in a warm house , on a stormy night .
Happiness is...
Eating apples with Carmel dip !
Happiness is
Listening to Celtic music , and being done with School !

Tagged Again !

I'm tagged by Kara at Kara's Creative Corner ! Thanks, Kara !

What's your name : Sarah

5 of your interests :






5 books I like :

Up a Road Slowly

The Voyagers Song

The Mandie series

The Brethren

An Untamed Land

5 things you learned to do or not to do :

Science isn't that bad !

Getting up early for school and volleyball .

Gaga Ball

Peanut butter balls .

Don't forget about cookies in the oven ! ( I think everybody knows that ! LOL )

5 Subjects in school :





Sign language

5 people you want to meet someday or will :


My Grandpa



Helen Keller

5 things I want to try by the end of the year :

Sewing a civil war dress .

Learning a foreign languages.

Our peaches we canned !

Learning new blogging things , that I still don't have any clue about ! LOL !

Playing piano in our church .

5 People you love :





The Bergmann Girls

5 people who should do this !

Miss M @ Just a minute

Bethany @ Joyfull Girl Creations

A Simple Farmgirl

Marie @ Sunshine in a Cloudy World

Anna @ Daughter of the King

Have a great day ! Sarah

Photo Wednesday !

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

The beautiful sunset.

Friday, September 10

Givaway !

Pastor's Girls Ponderings is hosting a giveaway ! You could win Earrings ,or a very cute Headband ! Go check it out ! Sarah

Wednesday, September 8

Happiness is ...

Happiness Is...

Happiness is ...

Recalling funny stories from past vacations with my family .

Happiness is...

Two screaming girls going on very scary rides and laughing and shrieking the whole time ! ( LOL !)

Thursday, September 2

I'm Tagged

This is my first time being tagged ( By joyfullgirlcreations ) , so I'm really excited ! So here she goes !

8 books I've read recently :

Song of the Voyager ( Still reading it ! )

The Bible ( Still Reading it also !)


The Mandie series

The Divine Dance

Raising Maidens of Virtue

Annie Henry

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

8 Albums or songs I listen to all the time :

Chris Tomlin ( Amazing Grace )

Fernando Ortega ( Mildred Madeline Johnson )

Dean Martin ( That's Amore )

Be Thou My Vision

How Deep the Father's Love For Us

As the Deer

Seek Ye First

Speak to Me

8 things I love :

A cool breeze

A sunny day

Laptops ( They are so sweet ! I want one so bad ! LOL ! )


My Family



Rain ( I love when it rains ! I feel so cozy and warm in our house , and I sleep really well , too ! LOL ! )

8 things I've learned this year :

Don't put peanut butter balls in the freezer without a pan that has sides on it ! ( When I put them in , they all fell off the pan ! Oops ! )

How to can Peaches

Never use Shurfine brand shortening for making frosting for decorating cakes for the fair ! It makes for very soft frosting that doesn't harden !

A few words in Norwegian

Don't plan to take three casseroles to the fair on the same day !

And never , ever , Wait till the last minute.

How to make Hungarian Pesenika Eggs .

I learned how to make a baby dress . ( And I'll never make one again ! And I think Kara and Bethany agree ? LOL ! )

8 new recipes I want to try by the end of the year :


Key Lime Pie

Pecan Sandies

Lemon Chicken

Ice Cream Cake

Peach Pie

Boston Creme Pie

Drop Cookies ( Don't know The real name ! * sheepish grin * )

8 Favorite Online Hangouts :



Random Blogs

Texting ( It's a work of art ! LOL )

Do These Count ? Lol



YouTube ( I love the funniest home videos ! )

All The Blogs I follow !

That one was really hard !

8 projects I need to work on :

Civil War Dress

Cross-stitched Baby Bib


Getting up early

My Devotions


Fair projects

Sun Dress

8 Other people who need to do this :

Miss M @ Just a Minute

Bailey @ Big House In The Little Woods

Maria @ Sunshine In a Cloudy World

Anna @ Daughter of the King

Kara @ Kara's Creative Corner

Lizzy @ Tinker Girls

Bethany @ Joyfull Girl Creations

And A Simple Farmgirl

The people above have been tagged , but if you have already done this , then just skip it !

And that's that ! Have a great weekend ! Sarah

Wednesday, September 1

Back to School Joke

I thought this was adorable and funny ! Sorry the words are blurred , but it says ,

" WAIT ! Now you want me to go to college ! "

Happy back to school ! Sarah