Tuesday, March 29

{Giveaway #2 }

So many giveaways ... So little time :)


Go enter her giveaway !

Monday, March 28

{Giveaway }

And then she { Snapped }  blogspot is having a giveaway ! Guess what she's giving away ? The movie Tangled  !!!!

Go enter !

Tuesday, March 22

The Promise of Spring...

 ( Poem from... Google )

I love the first line in the poem ...

The promise of spring awaits around the corner ...

 As I write this post , it is a blizzard outside . I was so sure that spring would finally be here with its warm weather and soft cool breezes ...To stay . But then ,  I awoke this morning to find everything white , and it to be freezing outside and still... snowing ( We're supposed to get 9-12 inches of snow :(  Well , there goes that theory about spring being here and spring with it  !

Will spring ever be here to stay ? 

But then I remembered the line from this poem .

The promise of spring awaits around the corner ...

So,  I must be patient and endure this cold weather for just a bit longer ... Because , the promise of spring is just around the corner .

Friday, March 18

Spring Has Come ...

 Rejoice !

Spring has finally reached Wisconsin ! You cannot even imagine the joy I had when I stepped out into the bright , sunshiny morning  and discovered that it was Spring ! The air was warm , but still had it's crisp to it ... The sun was warming the muddy earth and casting its rays upon my pale face ...The birds were singing a joyous melody , and there was a soft wistful breeze  . There was the sound of water running into little streams . {It was a soft gurgle. } Then I heard the the warm breeze sweep through the now dry grass  and the few leaves that bedded the woods forest ground . Spring has truly come .

Now , each day ... I take a little walk to our woods and let the sunshine warm me and dye  my hair that sweet golden color that it is in the summer . I love it !

Spring really has truly come .

Happy Spring !

{I'll be putting more spring quotes on my blog  soon ! }

Tuesday, March 15

Flower Blooms ...

Lately , our house has been brimming to the top of blooming flowers , because of a certain person that just had a birthday ! And I LOVE it :)

I love the bright vivid colors ...
I love their smell ...
I love the cheery glow that they spread throughout the house ...
Let's just say this ...I LOVE flowers .

( The rose picture is my favorite :)

                                               What do you LOVE ?

Happy Tuesday !

Sunday, March 6

Giveaway Winner ...

The title probably confused you ... So let me explain .

 Unfortunately , the girl that won the ice-cream cone earrings , didn't claim her prize in time .  So , I had to pick a new winner .

So the the second winner of the ice-cream cone earrings is ...

Lauren !

Congrats, Lauren !

Please, comment back on this post with your email address , to claim your prize . ( Comment will not be published .)

You have until March 8th to claim your prize .

Again , Congratulations for winning ,And I would like to thank everyone for entering :)

Love ya'll !