Saturday, February 26

The Giveaway Winners !!!!

Before I announce the winners  ... I want to thank all of you for entering , and making this giveaway possible ;) Love ya'll !

* Note * I used to pick the winners , so everything is  fair .

Okay , the winner of the green droplet earrings( Above)  is ........

Mary Cathrine (Comment #23)

The winner of the faith necklace is ...

Bethany (Comment #7)

And lastly , but not least ... The winner of the ice-cream cone  earrings is ...

Kendra ( Comment #49)

Congratulations Winners ! You have until Feb.28th To claim your prize .( Winners) To claim your prize , comment on this post  with your email
address .

Again , thank you everyone for entering !

Love you all !

Friday, February 25

Quick Note ...

Just to give ya'll a heads up ...

My giveaway ends tonight at 7:00 p.m.  so hurry up and enter !

Wednesday, February 23

{Vintage Picture Frame }

My mom has a friend that is extremly crafty , and she gave me this idea !

Vintage Picture Frame

What you do is ...

Take a fork that you seldom use .
Then bend the two outside sprongs back , and the two middle sprongs forward .
( You might need a strong daddy or brother to do that part for you ;) 
Then take a pleirs, ( I think that is what I used :) and bend the ends of the two middle sprongs upward a bit . Like what the picture looks like .

Then add your picture ...
                                              And Ta -da ! A vintage fork picture frame :)

What do you think ? Mine looks a little wierd( And plain ) , so you might want to use a fork that has some flowery design on it .

*Note : These pictures were taken quickly , so thus the horrible pics :)

P.s. I'm not sure where I got the Vintage from ! ( Lol )

Go Enter !

Under My Turquoise Umbrella is having a 100th post giveaway ;)

Go enter !

Tuesday, February 22

{Candid Camera - Pot - Shoes , Etc ...}

 Nearly 5 times I've started to write this post and have erased it because I didn't like the way I worded it ! Lol ! So , this is the last time I'm writing this :)

Several days ago , It was simply gorgeous outside ! But that was before Storm Dana hit us in Wisconsin . Now we have 6 foot drifts ! But during the time it was warm and springy feeling , I took the chance to take some pictures .

Hope you like the pics :)

*Note: This Photo is being entered in Candid Camera over at

 I don't like this photo as much as the other one .
 I LOVE this picture ! The lighting is amazing , I love the pot , the leaves and sticks in the background , the edit I did on it ... Love it !

 I really like this picture . Maybe I like it for it's simplicity .
Well , I hope you like the pictures !

Love ya'll ! Have a great week :)

Thursday, February 17

Movie Review { Despicable Me }

One of my followers said that they would like to see some movie reviews . So , I am going to do a movie review on Despicable Me :)

Despicable Me , Is about a villain named Grew , and three orphan girls .

Grew , is determined to steal the moon , with the help of his minions ( Those are minions in the video below :) . But , another villain , Vector , has stolen the tool Grew needs to shrink the moon . So , he adopts 3 girls to help him get the tool . At first he is rather rude to them , and makes them stay in the kitchen ... But , soon , the girls start to melt his heart . He becomes just like a father to them , but his inventor notices that these girls are getting into the way of stealing the moon . He then fixes for the adoption center to take the girls away from Grew . Broken-hearted , but determined , Grew sets off to the moon in his rocket . He manages to shrink the moon , but then notices that he can still make his girl's dance recital . When he arrives at the recital , he finds a note from Vector saying , "I have the girls . Bring the moon , and I will return the girls  !" Grew then gives up the moon to Vector , but Vector goes back on his promise and flies off with the girls . In the meantime ... Grew's inventor notices that the tool that shrinks things , only shrinks things for awhile , but then goes back to it's normal shape . So , he goes off into his airplane to search for Grew and tell him the news . 

To make a long story short ... Grew saves his girls, ( And re-adopts them :)  and the moon is returned to it's proper place !

This may sound like a dumb , stupid movie , but I found that it isn't .It is hilarious, ( You'll be holding your sides through the entire movie :)  but  it is also really heart-warming and touching .

I would recommend this movie to anyone !

If you would like to see more clips , just go to youtube and type in Despicable Me / clips .

Wednesday, February 16

To All ...

I've decided to make my giveaway a little longer .

Why ?

Well , I was thinking about making it longer, ( Because 5 days simply isn't enough time .) and then a dear follower confirmed the idea by stating that I should make the giveaway longer ! So, I am now extending the giveaway to next Friday , the 25th . So don't hesitate ... Go enter now !

Monday, February 14

With Love { a giveaway }

Because , I love you ,

Because , it's Valentine's Day ,

I'm going to show my love , and give to you with love , a  small giveaway .

                                               With Love

Before I show you the prizes ... We must have the rules, and how you can win !

*Rules :

Only People in the United States can enter . ( Sorry !)

Must put separate comment for each entry !
*How you can win :

Follow my blog  . ( If you already do , that counts .)  1 entry

Blog about this giveaway . ( Please , put down your blog address in your comment .) 1 entry

Put one of the giveaway buttons on your blog post or sidebar . 1 entry

Tell me what was the sweetest thing somebody ever told you . 3 Entries

Now , on to the prizes ! ( There will be extra entries below each prize :)

With Love ... First we have these beautiful green earrings .
Extra Entry : Which holiday do you prefer ? Valentine's Day or St. Patriach's Day ?

With Love ... This cute bottle cap necklace ! *Note * This is not the actual necklace , But the one you could win looks exactly like it .
Extra Entry : What's your favorite soda/pop ?

 With Love ... Lastly , but defiantly not the least , we have these adorable ice-cream cone earrings !
Extra Entry : What's your favorite ice-cream flavor ?
This giveaway will end Friday the 18th , of 2011 .

 Even if you don't want to enter to win one of the prizes , please tell your blog friends  so they can have a chance to win !

Love ya'll , and Good Luck !

Sunday, February 13

Uncreative ?

Lately , I've been uncreative .

I feel like my blog titles are simply lame . They're uninteresting  and dreadfully boring.

My blog posts are short and skimpy . And this past week , I 've been struggling to write blog posts . I simply don't know what to blog about . Honestly , I don't . I do have a few things I could write about , but I was going to save those ideas for later .

And my photography . Ugh ! I haven't been able to get any decent pictures . And everything is white . What's there to take pictures of ? And when I do take pictures , my hands freeze , so thus resulting in terrible pictures !

* Sigh *

Are you feeling uncreative lately ? Is your mind empty of ideas ? Are you finding your posts lame because of uninspired ideas ?

Your not alone .

I have been lately uncreative .

So blog friends ... Would you please tell me what you  would like to see on my blog . Do you want to see craft posts  , daily life , contests , pictures , etc.

Please , tell me what you would like to see on here . Because my brain is not calculating anything to write about lately . Please tell me things you would like , so I can once again get creative !

Saturday, February 12

Pastor Girl's Pondering ...

Is having an amazing giveaway ! Go check it out and enter :)

Tuesday, February 8

{ Vintage }

Lets' just say this ... I love vintage clothing !!!!

Just a nice dress to go for a stroll in .
I love the pure whiteness of this dress .( It could be a little more modest , though . )  

All of these dresses above , are adorable ! ( And pretty modest !)
*Sigh* ( Wishful dreaming ...)
Cute or what ?
It makes me think of summer !

I love this dress !!!!! Wish I could have it .
So simple , yet cute .
This dress is one of my favorites . It reminds me of June Cleaver .
Liking the peach color . ( It little more modest , please !)
Super cute ... But could be a little longer .

* Sigh * Don't you wish you could have them all ? I  do ... And aren't they adorable ???

Have a great week !

The Vintage Lover

Monday, February 7

Photo Contest

Kara's Creative Corner is hosting a photo Challenge .The category is food .

Here is my entry . What do you think ?

Saturday, February 5

A Bit "O" Spring

What do you think of my blog design ? Isn't it lovely !? I absolutely love it .

I know it looks springish ... But I think that we all get a little tired of winter , so we  need a little bit  of spring during the long , cold winter !

I would like to give a BIG thank you to Joyfullgirl Creations . She was the one that made this , and put it on my blog ! Thank you !


Friday, February 4

Don't You Love Them ...

Don't you just love Fridays ? I do ! On Fridays , I feel a sense of accomplishment . I Know that I had a good week in school , and that the things I did throughout the week  were done well . ( Most of the time at least ... lol )  Now , I can just sit back , and enjoy my weekend ! I can finally catch up with emails , finish some projects , etc...  * Sigh * ... Did I mention sleep in ?!  Oh , Glorious !! (Lol)

Hope Ya'll Enjoy Your Weekend , Too !

P.s. Okay everybody ! You really should enter in the pay it forward ! I know it sounds hard that you have to make three handmade gifts , but as I already told you ... It can just be some cards you made( or anything !) .  If you would like to enter , but your ears aren't pierced , Just tell me and I'll put you down for the cards . So don't be shy , And join in the fun !

*Note ...
If you enter the pay it forward ... Please comment on the Pay it Forward  post .

Thursday, February 3

Amazing Giveaway !

Ismikendra , is hosting a giveaway ! Go check it out !