Monday, January 31

Pay it Forward

I finally found time to tell you all about Pay it Forward .

Okay , This is how it works ...

The first person that comments , will win these earrings !
And the next two people that comment , will win two handmade cards ! Unfortunately , the cards are not done yet .( But they soon will be !)

But ... In order to receive the prize , You   , must also give three HANDMADE things away  . The prizes can be just a handmade card . It doesn't have to be fancy . Anything you want to giveaway is fine !

Rules :

Must pledge to give three handmade things away .

Must have a blog !

Once you comment here , you must put the pay it forward ( below)on your blog .
Once you comment , please give me your email address .

So please , Join in the fun !

( And remember , it doesn't have to be anything fancy that you made . )

Others who are doing it :

Just For Fun ( She started all this fun ! )
And ...
Ismikendra  @

Friday, January 28

Pay it Forward

What's All the commotion ? I'll tell you later ! 

Tuesday, January 25

I Year Older

Second term is starting . I'm on track with all my subjects except for ... math . Ugh ! It seems like I'm always behind in math . I can never catch up with it ! 

Many people are saying that school is SoOoOoOo unbearable , but I am finding it quite tolerable . Perhaps I'm even enjoying it . Maybe it's because I'm busy or ... Okay ! I'm rambling on about nothing ! Seriously ... I'm not even thinking !!!!! What was I going to REALLY say ??? Hmmm ... Ahh , Yes . Starting this next semester is not the only thing ... I am also a year older ! Yup , I celebrated my birthday yesterday . My day wasn't exciting at all . I just did school . But I did celebrate it over the weekend . On Sat. I had my first ballet practice ! It was amazing !!!!!!! I loved it ! Although I was a little sore after it . lol ! After ballet , I went to watch my brother and dad play basketball . Later on that night , We ( my family and I ) all went bowling. And ... I got my first strike ! Yeah , I was pretty proud of myself . LOL ! Then on Sun. we went to church and then had our family friends over . We watched the Packer game , and in between commercials  we played minute to win it games ! After they left , I opened my presents !

I had a wonderful birthday ! But it's not over yet ... On Sat. I'm going to have some friends over , and we're all going to go tubing !

I hope you all have a splendid week !


Wednesday, January 19

The Erratic Muse is hosting a giveaway . Go check it out ! ( I'm sure you'll want to enter !) Sarah

Tuesday, January 18

Unedited !

movies4him is hosting an unedited photo challenge . This is my entry . Go enter ! Sarah

Monday, January 17

You Gotta Love 'em !

 No matter how much we fight ... ( This is a funny picture , because Stacy and I aren't like that at all ! lol)
 No matter how much we annoy each other ...( This was in South Dakota.)
 No matter how much we tease ...
 No matter how much they get me into trouble (lol) ...

 No matter how many miles are between us sometimes ...
I love them .
 Without them , I wouldn't be me ...
 I would be lonely and alone ...
 I would be wanting  ...
But I have them . And I love them no-matter how much we don't get along sometimes . I LOVE THEM. I wouldn't trade them for all the riches in the world . I Love Them .

* Note : Some of these pictures were taken a few years ago .

Saturday, January 15


1. I've been contemplating about changing my blog design . I know that I've only had  This design since the beginning of Dec.... But I'm just kind of sick of  my design right now . What do you think ? Should I change it or not ?

2.Guess what ? I'm starting ballet in a week ! I'm super excited !

3.Well , I would write more ... but I need to be off ! ( Sorry if this has been boring you !)


Tuesday, January 11

The photo contest Picture

It was a tough decision ! But I finally decided on the 2nd . That was the only one with two votes . Otherwise you all picked different ones !lol ! Thanks for helping me decide .

Don't forget to enter Farmgirl's contest !

Sunday, January 9


The post title probably catches your eye . Well , I'll explain ... Why I say this is  randomness , is because these pictures were all taken at different times ! ( I just never had the time to edit them !)

So here they are !

 Apples ...
and more apples...

 and more apples...
 Berries ...
 Caroline (My best friend's sister )...
 Light bulbs...
 and light bulbs...
 Christmas lights...
 A Christmas tree ( In the making !lol)...

                   Orchids ( With crazy edit !lol ) ...

And spiky things ( Not sure what they're called .)

What do you think of the pictures ?

I apologize for not blogging much . But , I've been so busy that I never had the time ! And when I did have the time , I was so exhausted from the business , that I never even felt like going on the computer ! But now my busy life has made me slow down by alowing me to get sick . Ack ! So here I leave this post with a *sniffle* and a * sneeze* !

Love ,

The Sickly one , Sarah . LOL !

Tuesday, January 4

Giveaway !

Pastor Girl's Pondering is having a giveaway ! Go check it out !!!!!

Please don't forget to tell me which picture I should enter in Farmgirl's photo contest ! Thanks .

Saturday, January 1

Photo Contest !

Simple Farmgirl is hosting a photo contest in celebration of 2011 !

Now , Which photo should I enter into the challenge ? Please give me your suggestions !

Which One ? The 1st , 2nd, 3rd , or 4th ?

Let me know ! Thanks !