Monday, April 25

{ She's Fourteen ... }

  About 6 or 7 years ago ... We first met .

  We were both terribly shy, and hid behind our mother's skirts . We didn't dare say a peep to one another in fear that we might melt if we did . But then, we broke our shells . It was the night of the homeschooler's basketball party . We both were sitting together with their hyper golden retriever . Soon, before we knew it,we were talking like we were best friends forever .

 About two years later, Bethany and her family decided to join our church . And ever since we have been super close . And it all started with that night sitting with the dog :)

 Now she's fourteen , and we've been best friends for over 4 years . I don't feel like she's just a friend ... She's a sister to me .

 I've emailed her or asked her to pray for me several times, and she always replies back with something cheerful and a hug . I've literally sobbed on her shoulder a couple of times ...Drenching her shirt . I've told her my problems, brought her things that I couldn't accomplish, and she helped me with them .

 Yes, she's not just a friend, she's someone special that God sent to me .

Without her I don't know where I would have ended up . Many times I've found myself slipping in my faith , and going into the grips of the world,and then...I just look at Bethany and her spiritual life and everything about her ...Her purity , her courage, her salvation, everything,and it helps me get back on track with God. 

 She has been such a godly influence in my life, and I thank God continually for her and others that have or are influencing my life for the Lord .

 So today, her birthday, April 26th, I just want to say ...Happy birthday, and thank you .


Go to her blogspot and wish her a happy birthday :)

Saturday, April 23

Once Upon a Time ... {Part 1 }

   Once upon a time ...There were two girls, Bethany Grace and Sarah Grace, who were going to a ball . The one girl had a yellow dress,but it needed altering . And the other ...Had not a dress.So the two girls decided that they would attempt to alter Sarah Grace's yellow dress together. Well, It was a task that distressed both girls, but soon... it was finished ! And Bethany Grace decided to sew her own dress. They now both had dresses ... Both equally beautiful  and poofy .

 With sheer delight and happiness ...The two Grace's tried on their dresses with squeals and laughter . Then it was picture time ! { Now, they tried to look real sophisticated and serious .  }
 And Bethany's brother promised to be our prince ...But he looked more like Batman :)
 And so with happiness ...These two Graces , these two princesses of the most High King , these two girls as close as two peas in a pod , were going to a ball.{With ball gowns :) }

Photo credit to Bethany's brother , Christian .

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Wednesday, April 13

{ Jars of Color }

 Ever since I was a little girl ... I always loved to look at my mother's colorful jars  that she displayed on the windowsills .

 I would take them down  and examine each one .
 After looking at each one closely , and fingering them ... I would pick my favorites , and then place each jar back on the windowsill .
  But , each time I put the jars back on the windowsill , I would  rearrange them .
 It was my little game that I played in my little world .

Even to this day ... I still love the jars . Their odd shapes , and brilliant colors . Not to mention the intricate designs on them . They are one of my favorite things .

Sarah Grace

* Note *  I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately ...But , I've been super busy .
I have an exciting post coming up , but unfortunately , I'll be gone babysitting my cousins from tomorrow - Mon.( And , yes ... I'll have to take another blog break.) ... So I've decided to give you a sneak peak  of this exciting post coming up that you won't want to miss :)
Also , I've decided to make my giveaway longer. Just for the fact that I'll be gone when the giveaway ends . So , I'll be ending my giveaway April 24th , instead of tomorrow . ( *Remember ... The more extra entries you do , the better chance you have of winning :)

And now , for your exciting sneak peek !

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Saturday, April 2

April Showers Bring May Flowers { A Giveaway }

Spring is my favorite season ! And ... April is one of my favorite months .

Why ?

When spring comes ... It awakens everything . The birds once again sing they're songs . The blossoms start to unfold , revealing pastel colors or vibrant bright colors . The snow melts revealing a carpet of green . The wind blows softly , and the sun is shining ... Yes , spring  is amazing ! I love it .

So , to celebrate that spring has come , and that April is here ... I'm hosting a giveaway ! April Showers Bring May Flowers { A giveaway } .

Here is what you can win !

First we have these Aspen Leaf Earrings  , sponsored by Molly .

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These Green Dahlia Earrings , sponsored by Operation Petticoat .

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So , here is how you can win ...

~ Mandatory ...

 Comment telling me your favorite part about spring .

~ Extra Entries ...

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~ This giveaway will end April 15th . ~

Good Luck to ya'll ! And ... Happy Spring !


* Note *

I would like to thank Molly , and Operation Petticoat for sponsoring these lovely prizes . You both are so sweet , kind, and  you both were super energetic about sponsoring these lovelies . Thankyou ! Love , Sarah