Sunday, October 31

:: photo shoot ::

It was a beautiful, bright Sunday afternoon, and MeMe (my smirky, pretty, posing, kitty) was in a good mood. So I grabbed my camera and headed outside to have a photo shoot with MeMe. My prop was a log post, and the lighting outside was scrumptious! The clicking of the camera began, and I took many pictures, but I just picked a few of the best ones to share with you. (The others all had some other defect that shielded them from being perfect! Oh, well!) And now ...The pictures!

Well, what do you think? Isn't he adorable?! Tell me in your comments!

:: photo challenge ::

Hey, everyone! I'm entering this picture in a photo contest. The theme is color. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 26

:: a giveaway ::

Aspire is hosting a givaway! What is she giving away? This beautiful necklace! Go enter the givaway right away.

Wednesday, October 20

:: photo wed. and happiness is ::

Lovely Photo Picture: Our cat, Braveheart.

Happiness is ... Soft, cute, cuddly, kittens!

Happiness is ... reading!

Thursday, October 14

:: pl. wed. and h. is ::

Here is my lovely photo Wednesday picture .

Happiness is ...

Sleeping in your warm, comfortable bed .

Happiness is ...

Riding horses !!!!

Sunday, October 10

:: meditation weekend ::

Join Meditation weekend at a Simple Farmgirl ! You can post a verse , picture of God's beauty , Write a spiritual post , Etc. It doesn't have to be fancy , It can just be simple or in depth . Whatever you chose ! So join and link up !

Psalms 100: 3
Know that the Lord , He is God ; it is He who has made us , and not ourselves ; we are His people and the Sheep of His pasture .
Please think about this verse ! It doesn't need to be talked about or explained for it is very clear and self explanatory . Meditate on it .

:: about time ::

I apologize for not writing a post in nearly three weeks . But October is probably one of my busiest months . So I decided to not blog simply because it would be impossible to find time to write any posts . But now things are slowing down and blogging will be back to normal .

Now on to the post ...

A few weeks ago , It rained for a week , resulting in flooding and opportunities to take pictures . So I grabbed my camera and started snapping .( The whole time I was trying to keep my camera out of the rain .)

And now the pictures ...

P.s. There are also some pictures from a recent walk I took.

Mushrooms .

Cobwebs on mushrooms .
Water droplets on wire .

Water droplets on leaves .

Rain droplets on our wood siding .
Hope you enjoyed the pictures !