Thursday, September 2

I'm Tagged

This is my first time being tagged ( By joyfullgirlcreations ) , so I'm really excited ! So here she goes !

8 books I've read recently :

Song of the Voyager ( Still reading it ! )

The Bible ( Still Reading it also !)


The Mandie series

The Divine Dance

Raising Maidens of Virtue

Annie Henry

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

8 Albums or songs I listen to all the time :

Chris Tomlin ( Amazing Grace )

Fernando Ortega ( Mildred Madeline Johnson )

Dean Martin ( That's Amore )

Be Thou My Vision

How Deep the Father's Love For Us

As the Deer

Seek Ye First

Speak to Me

8 things I love :

A cool breeze

A sunny day

Laptops ( They are so sweet ! I want one so bad ! LOL ! )


My Family



Rain ( I love when it rains ! I feel so cozy and warm in our house , and I sleep really well , too ! LOL ! )

8 things I've learned this year :

Don't put peanut butter balls in the freezer without a pan that has sides on it ! ( When I put them in , they all fell off the pan ! Oops ! )

How to can Peaches

Never use Shurfine brand shortening for making frosting for decorating cakes for the fair ! It makes for very soft frosting that doesn't harden !

A few words in Norwegian

Don't plan to take three casseroles to the fair on the same day !

And never , ever , Wait till the last minute.

How to make Hungarian Pesenika Eggs .

I learned how to make a baby dress . ( And I'll never make one again ! And I think Kara and Bethany agree ? LOL ! )

8 new recipes I want to try by the end of the year :


Key Lime Pie

Pecan Sandies

Lemon Chicken

Ice Cream Cake

Peach Pie

Boston Creme Pie

Drop Cookies ( Don't know The real name ! * sheepish grin * )

8 Favorite Online Hangouts :



Random Blogs

Texting ( It's a work of art ! LOL )

Do These Count ? Lol



YouTube ( I love the funniest home videos ! )

All The Blogs I follow !

That one was really hard !

8 projects I need to work on :

Civil War Dress

Cross-stitched Baby Bib


Getting up early

My Devotions


Fair projects

Sun Dress

8 Other people who need to do this :

Miss M @ Just a Minute

Bailey @ Big House In The Little Woods

Maria @ Sunshine In a Cloudy World

Anna @ Daughter of the King

Kara @ Kara's Creative Corner

Lizzy @ Tinker Girls

Bethany @ Joyfull Girl Creations

And A Simple Farmgirl

The people above have been tagged , but if you have already done this , then just skip it !

And that's that ! Have a great weekend ! Sarah


Bailey said...

Since I have a policy about no tags on me serious blog (*cough*), I'll put it here, if you don't mind.

8 Books I've Read Recently:

- Mere Christianity
- Utopia
- The Norton Anthology of British Literature: Volume A: The Middle Ages
- 1 Peter
- Pride and Prejudice
- Knowing God (still reading)
- The Cat of Bubastes (still reading)
- various and sundry schoolbooks

8 Albums or Songs I Listen to All the Time:

- Let My Life Be a Light (The Wissmann Sisters)
- Let the Rocks Cry Out (The Wissmann Family)
- Celtic Woman: A New Journey
- The Puppini Sisters: Betcha Bottom Dollar
- "There Can Be Miracles" (from The Prince of Egypt)
- "God of Grace"
- "How Deep the Father's Love for Us"
- "Jesus, Hold My Hand"

8 Things I Love:

- squishy baby girls
- kindergartners
- Daniel Franklyn
- hugs
- best friends
- fields of sunflowers
- learning something new
- summery dresses

8 Things I Learned This Year:

- how to follow sewing directions with minimal intervention from Mom and Bethany
- how hard it is to say goodbye
- how to run a household all by myself
- how it's important to keep my mouth shut when I don't know what I'm talking about
- how to drive
- how to edit HTML codes
- how wonderful my friends are
- how much love hurts

I'm skipping the recipe section 'cause I don't even know where to start.

8 Favorite Online Hangouts:

- Joyfully at Home
- Joyfull Girl's Creations
- Like a Warm Cup of Coffee
- Pyromaniacs
- Google
- all my friends' blogs
- photography blogs

8 Projects I Need to Work On:

- a retro-ish dress that I can't continue because something went haywire with the bodice
- the last of my thank you notes
- a story I started awhile back
- my relationships with my family
- that article on writer's block I got writer's block on
- cheerfulness
- reading the many books I start
- a speech in favor of Hammurabi's Code of Law

Bethany said...

*smothers giggles* I just lost it reading about the baby dress. *waves hand wildly in the air* NEVER, EVER, EVER, are we doing that again (Kara, Sarah? Agreed? Yes?) (To think, you want to make a cival war ball gown with me...*I can just see the agony* ;)

Thanks for doing the tag!

Jacqueline said...

Fun post! :D

miss m said...

Thanks for the tag! I will post soon. :)

Hannah said...

Sarah-- tagging mean someone wants you to do eight the same catergory that they made?

Hope that makes sense! Does that make sense?

Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post...I already knew the first told me the first at church today, and I knew you always read the Bible!

Did you get me mail? (It hasn't been working lately...that's why I was wondering.)

I disagree with you on rain. I absolutely don't like rain. You described it well for someone who likes rain...but I always thin of it as cold, dreary, wet, muddy, foggy days. *shudder* It's soo boring if you sit watching the rain rain down. It makes me feel cold. ! LOL

How could you make a Civil War Ball GOWN!? You told me about that, and said if we do, I should help. I should help! Yikes, I'd ruin it to pieces! I can't even sew a simple skirt..that shows how badly I cannot sew..specially on the machine! :) LOL If we did make it, you know what? To make it look can you iron a civil war ball gown??? :) LOL LOL LOL!!!

HA HA! That's funny! Peanut butter balls flying through the fridge!

Wow! What were the words you learned in Norwegian?

Okay what happened to the casseroles that went on the Fair on the same day?? (I'm very curious.)

Oooh! Yum! I loooove fudge...and I difinitly love key lime pie! Mmmm..oh dear, now I want some now! :) LOL *giggle* (but it's true..the crust is my favorite part!)

Umm..why are you making a cross-stitched baby bib?

Oooh!! You're making a sun dress! Prettiful! Do you know what color it will be??? Sundresses always remind me of yellow and blue. Is it any of those colors?

Fair projects--umm..maybe I'm late at this post, I right in thinking the tomorrow is the last day of the fair?? Are you working on like stuff to make for NEXT YEAR's fair? Or am I reading this post late?

This is my longest comment yet!! :) LOL!

Luv u!

P.s. Hope to see you at Shawano County Fair tomorrow. (You should see all the stories I wrote when I was seven and five!) *LAUGHS*

Hannah said...


I think my comment was too long...umm..did it still send to you?? (It took me ten minutes to write that!!) HMM..LOL


Bekah said...

Love Chris Tomlin's ''My Chains are Gone''song!
Love your post!

Lizzy said...

Thanks for the tag, Sarah! ;D