Saturday, August 28

An Interview With My Wise Mother

I decided to interview my mother and received some very wonderful , wise answers .

S. Sarah

M. My Mother

S. What is one of your favorite Bible figures ?

M. Hannah

S. Why her ?

M. Because she had a God given desire to have children and was a mother who persevered in prayer , learned to trust and rest in God and His plans , and sought to raise godly seed .

S. What is one of your favorite Bible verses ?

M. Isaiah 30 : 15

" For thus saith the Lord God , the Holy One of Israel;In returning and rest shall ye be saved ; In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength ..."

S. Why is it your favorite verse ?

M. It reminds you that your strength comes from quietly , confidently , trusting in the Lord .

S, What is your favorite book of the Bible ?

M. Proverbs .

S. Why ?

M. It is filled with knowledge for living everyday successfully in God's eyes .

S. During your quiet time with the Lord , what did you learn that was the most important to you this week ?

M. I was reminded again how important it is to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord . It can chase away the doldrums and discouragement from the accuser of the brethren .

S. Thanks Mom ! But we're not finished .Now for some lighthearted , and random questions !

S. What's you favorite

Color ,



Type of food ,

and season ?

M. Blue , Hollyhocks , Chocolate brownies with ice cream , Italian , and fall !

S. Thanks again mom ! Love you !

M. Your welcome , and thanks for letting me be on your blog ! LOL !

From this interview , I learned some things that really encouraged me ! Like singing and making noise to Lord can lift you up ! Interview your mom , and you will for sure learn something that you've never known before . And you may be lifted up by some of the things your mom gives as an answer . ( * And surprised ! LOL !) For you, bloggers ... after you interview your mom , post it ! I would love to see some other wise answers from other wise women and see some of your questions ! Have a great weekend !

~ In Christ ,


P.s. I'm trying to make it to fifteen followers ! Right now I have ten. ( Not including myself ! ) Once I get to fifteen followers , I'll have a special post ! So help me get to fifteen ! Love Ya'll !

Thursday, August 26

Random Photos

This is a random post with random pictures that I recently took ! Hope you like the pictures !

Fluffy Clouds !

Our adorable puppy , Prince !

Me-Me . My super , lovable, cute kittie !

Zinnias . We have these flowers in our garden !

Prince , again ! * With his sad expression ! He thought I was going to put him in the kennel ! LOL ! *
Have a great rest of the week ! The Photographer: Sarah

Friday, August 20

Extreme Refriderater Makeover

I was walking through the kitchen and noticed our messy fridge ! It was cluttered and crammed together , and had ugly magnets all over ! Ugh ! It made the kitchen look messy ! Then I remembered the new magnets that I had just bought ! Hurrying to my room , I grabbed the magnets And once again headed to the kitchen . Then I started !


The first thing I did was take all the ugly magnets off the fridge , and then the pictures .

~ After

After a couple minutes , Wala ! It's finished ! *Sorry about the blurry picture ! It looked much better , than in this picture ! * The Extreme makeover of the fridge is finished ! Do you like it or did you like it the way it was before ? Tell me in your comments !

The Extreme Fridge Makeover Designer : Sarah Reinke

Thursday, August 19

Freezing the Sweet Corn

It was the time of the year ( and it still is ... ) where we harvest and freeze our corn . The weather couldn't have been more perfect . It was sunny , but not hot . It was cool and breezy, and it was my mom and me being the happy homemakers, freezing corn . We started by picking the corn first ( *of course !*) . Here is my beautiful mum picking corn !

Me - Me my kitten strikes a cute pose for me !

After picking the corn , we sat at the side of our field and shucked the corn , while watching Me-Me chase butterflies and grasshoppers . It took forever to shuck the corn though !
When the corn was shucked and washed , we started to cut the kernels off the cob . That job took a good two hours !!! This is one of four kettles of corn with butter and salt on top .

Hours later ... the corn was finally ready to be put in the fridge and be refrigerated over night . The next morning we took the corn out of the fridge and bagged it . Then we put it in the freezer .

The next day ... Tada ! Frozen sweet corn ! And the harvesting of the sweetcorn is finished !
Happy Sweetcorn Harvesting !
P.S. I apologize for the late post , but lately I've been very busy , and some family things have been going on . Sorry ! I will try to keep up better with my posts ! Love ya'll !

Tuesday, August 10

Do You Know Me ?

I thought it would be interesting and fun for ya'll if I asked all of you 13 questions about me !!!! You will not only have fun , but you will learn a little about me ! This is how the game goes ... You have to read the questions to yourself . (DON'T LOOK AT THE ANSWERS at the bottom of the post !) After you've answered the questions orally , or in your mind , look at the answers and see how many you got right ! Tell me your results , and I would love to know some of the answers that you thought of ! Lets Play !

???????????????? Do You Know Me ( Sarah) ????????????????

1. What is one of my favorite animals ? A Horse , Cat , Dog , or Bunny ?

2. What is one of my favorite desserts ? Angel Food Cake , German Chocolate Cake ( With Coconut frosting ) , or Raspberry Crumble ?

3. What is one of my favorite cookies ? Peanut butter , Sugar , Chocolate Chip , or White Macadamia nut ?

4. What kind of car would I like to get when I get my driver's license ? PT Cruiser , Convertible , Truck , Mini van , Mustang , or Corvette ?

5. If I were to go to any place in the World , where would I like to go ? Italy , Greece , France , Russia , or China ?

6. What is one of my favorite seasons ? Fall ,Winter , Spring ,or Summer ?

7. What is my favorite holiday ? Christmas , Thanksgiving, Easter , or my Birthday ?

8.What is one of my favorite movies ? Garfield , Narnia , or Ice Age ?

9. What is one of my favorite stores ? Target , Dollar General , Fleet Farm , or Walmart ?

10.What was my favorite school subject last year ? Math , Reading , History , Science , or English ?

11.What is my favorite sport ? Volleyball , Basketball , or Softball ?

12. What Olympic sport do I like to watch the most ? Gymnastics , Skating , Skiing , or Track ?

13. What is one of my favorite ice cream flavors ? Chocolate chip cookie dough , Mint , Strawberry , or Chocolate ?

Okay , you've finished the questions ! Now let's see how many you got right !

Answers !

1. I love all of those animals ! But I do have to say that a horse is my favorite animal ! Why ? Because I love their strength , beauty , and their attitudes ! I actually have two of my own horses , two dogs , nine cats , and we have one cow !

2. German Chocolate Cake ! Yummy ! It is one of my dad's favorite ,too !

3. Sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles on top ! I love to decorate them , also ! I not only decorate cookies , but also decorate cakes !

4. I had a hard time choosing between a Mustang and Corvette . I finally choose a Mustang !

5. I would love to go to all of those places ! It is a tie between Italy and Greece !

6. Winter is the answer for this one. Because I was born in the winter and I love how the snow looks after a Snowfall ! It always looks like diamonds to me ! Spring is my other favorite season !

7.Christmas . Because it is my Lord and Savior's Birthday . And because all my loved ones are by me !( I like the cookies and presents , too ! )

8. Narnia . There is no two ways about it ! I love Narnia and can't wait till the third movie comes out !

9. Target ! I especially like the dollar aisle ! Lol !

10.History !

11. I play all those sports , but by far , my favorite is volleyball !

12.Gymnastics . I also like to watch the figure skating !

And the last question !

13. Chocolate chip cookie dough ! I also love Chocolate !

So there you are ! I hope you know a little more about me ! Tell me your results and some of your answers in your comment !

Love Ya'll ! Sarah

Tuesday, August 3

The Camping Trip

On Sunday, a group of three very merry teens ( and two chaperones)set off for a church camping trip. ( There came two teens a little later from our church .) The group of teens thought that the camping trip was going to be more than a little fun! They daydreamed that the camping trip would be bug free, nice, cool weather , no rain ; and they imagined that they would play all their favorite games . The drive was a good hour , but they soon arrived at the campsite , High Cliff State Park . The carsick travelers stumbled out of their cramped quarters in the car , and ssttrreettcchheedd!!!! Then they started to set up camp . The tent , of course , always gets set up first . After camp was set up , they went to greet the other weary campers . Then the fun began ... so they thought . After conversing awhile , it was time for a supper of hot dogs.( And the hot dogs were very delicious , so I say). Following the meal , they all settled down for a devotion on Love from Philemon . When the devos were finished , all the giddy teens decided it was time to play a version of tag and capture the flag in slippery , wet grass , pitch dark with people running around in black ( Quite dangerous !). The game started and ended two hours later , injuring three people and making one camper cry . (The teams never found out who won ). All the exhausted players collapsed on the nearest chairs , expecting to have a nice rest . It was not to be ... Soon the monsoons of mosquitoes came and started to buzz , bite , and bug people. The campers ran to the can of bug spray , only to find it empty . Now the sweaty campers searched for another can of bug spray and finally retrieved a bottle of HEAVY DUTY spray . They could relax for a few minutes , but would soon have to retreat to their tents , where the young ladies would hear the boys tell their stories from the other tents . The teens woke to the sound of rattling pots . Tumbling out of bed , they reached the breakfast table , still sweaty , full of dirt , with scratches , bruises , and bug bites from the night before . After devos and breakfast , the girls hurried to the showers to wash their bug sprayed smelly bodies . When the girls arrived back , most of the campers played a game called Ninja ( which is a game of quick reflexes )volleyball, and card games( played in the tents while it rained!). The next day went well , except for the swarms of flies always landing on your legs . But when night came , the flies went to bed , and the armies of mosquitoes awoke again! All went to bed rather early , due to the pesky insects . In the morning , all the teens were grumpy and scurried to get their things together . They were all eager to return to their own lovely, adorable homes . All the campers left quite joyously , but also a bit sad for the weekend to end . Granted, all the insects and injuries , the camping outing was rather fun ; and, most campers looked forward to returning next summer .

The end

By one of the weary teen , campers : Sarah Reinke

Sunday, August 1


I'm sure you all know the familiar quote , " Patience is a Virtue." Well , this week I had to nanny my two cousins for three days . And ,did I ever get to practice patience !!!! Whenever my cousins would whine because they couldn't get their way , I had to remember to be patient ,yet still firm . When they would pull my hair and climb on my shoulders , I had to remember to be patient . The high-pitched decibels of screaming...Patience . The tiny, annoying things they did , I had to remember to be patient . Patience , I think , is one of things that we will use most when we become married and have children of our own . By losing your temper and getting quite angry at little children when they pull our hair or ask a million and one questions in a minute , only shows a child that this is the way you act when someone (or something happens that) disturbs you.I know many times that I lose my patience, and it doesn't end well . Instead, it brings more strife and grief to others around me .

Well , I've basically just been rambling on about patience . But really my point is that this week I've learned the virtue of patience , and I hope you know the virtue of patience , also ! It's something I'll need to keep working on my whole life through! Thankfully the Lord is there to help me.

* I will be gone this whole week . I'll be back on Saturday .Love, Sarah