Tuesday, November 30


Hey everyone ! My best friend has a thing called icreate . This is what it is ... Once a month , you have to post something that you made . Then , link up !

So here is my create .

Turkey cupcakes ! We ( my mom and sister ) made these cupcakes for the nursing home residents ! Go to the family fun website to get the directions .

( Sorry , these pictures were not edited ! )

  And that's my create ! Link up here !

Monday, November 29


The other day , my mom and sister , Stacy , Watched a movie called WWJD  What Would Jesus Do ?  ( Please watch it ! ) I loved the movie ! It was inspiring , exciting , captivating  . Who doesn't like a movie that holds your attention ? But after I watched it , the letters  WWJD  really hit me  , and caught hold . What would Jesus do ?

Would he fight with his sister ( If he had one ) Like two cats fighting for a mouse ? Would He talk back to His parents ? Would He obey the very instant His parents asked him to do something ? Or would He say " Just a minute !" ? Would He procrastinate and then say " Oops ! Sorry I didn't get that finished ! " Would He gossip ?

Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ?

Those words pounded against my head like a hammer hitting a nail . "Would He" . No , he wouldn't fight with His sister. No , He wouldn't talk back to His parents . Yes , He would obey the very instant . No , He wouldn't procrastinate . No , He wouldn't gossip ... And all the questions and answers go on .

What Would Jesus Do . At that time I felt ashamed as I thought of all the things that Jesus Would Do , and I hadn't . I felt guilty and shameful as I walked to my bedroom . I closed the door , then kneeled . I then asked Jesus to help me do, What HE Would Do .

So please , ask yourself this question once in awhile , WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ? 


Wednesday, November 24


 What are your blessings ? Do you count them everyday ? Or do you just realize them at Thanksgiving ? You know , we should be giving thanks everyday of our lives , Not just one day out of the year . Most of the time we just look at the things going wrong in our lives , not the things that are giving us joy , beauty , love , freedom , etc.(Well , at least I know that I do that .) So , I'm going to try to count my blessings everyday ... Starting now !

I'm thankful for ... My faith !
 I'm thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ ! Without Him, I would be like a lost sheep . I wouldn't have the JOY I have now . Lets just say I wouldn't be me without Him .

I could write more , but it is extremely late . So ... I will leave you with these questions . What are your blessings?  And what  are you thankful for ?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody ! Don't forget to thank God for your blessings !

Monday, November 22


 Hey Everyone ! Just thought I would give you a little update of what I've been doing lately .

On Fridays I do ice-skating ( Which I love ) .On Mondays and Wednesdays ( occasionally ) I will go watch my dad play basketball , or watch some friends play in a v-ball league . But besides those three things happening during the week , My life is pretty dull . All the other days I do school , and when I'm finished ... I pick up The Chronicles of Narnia , And find myself in a different world ! I am absolutely loving the book ! Right now I'm reading Prince Caspian . ( Once I finish it I will compare it to the movie ! LOl ) Besides all of the above ... the only other thing I am missing out is play practice for our church play . We had our first practice last Sunday ( yesterday ) . It was so much fun . I loved being a whole new person , a whole new attitude ! Yeah , It was incredibly fun ! Talking of plays ... I am going to be in a play called , Night at the Wax Museum . I simply cannot wait for the practices to start ! My part is Polly Sneed . I am a villain , Who is extremely ditsy ! I have to admit , it sorta matches my personalty . ( I can be quite ditsy in a way !) Anyways I'm super excited for it . ( I'll post a video clip of the play soon )

Sorry if this has been lame or dull . My greatest apology . Soon , I'll get one decent post together ! ( Scolds me-self ! ) Have a great week everybody !

Thursday, November 18

What is...

What is so chocolaty  and creamy  , Yet has a little bit of crunch to it ?

Pudding Parfaits !!!!! They are simply delicious !( And great for picture taking ! )

Sunday, November 14

:: it's finished! ::

It's finished! The blog revamp is done!!! Thanks to my ever so loving "sister. She did this all! She made my header, the background, my signature, she changed my sidebar, updated my blogger, An ...Put up with my thousands of questions about blogging ( the list could go longer!). Yeah, She's amazing, and I love her greatly! She's a great friend. ( Great doesn't even explain her, angelic? Maybe?? lol! )
But anyways. Moving on ... I hope you all voted on my poll concerning posts you'd like to see on my blog . And the results were ...

Most of the people enjoyed my photography best. Which I'm glad, because, I have noticed that I publish lots of pictures on my blog.Then a hairdo was wanted next. ( which I have one up my sleeve! Coming soon !!) And then last but not least, you just said "anything really ". Thanks every body who voted !!

Have a great week!
P.s. Sorry about these skimpy posts. But soon I shall finally get a decent post published . ( hopefully! LOL )

Friday, November 12

:: giveaway 2 ::

My goodness! Another giveaway! Pastor Girl's Pondering is hosting a giveaway due to her reaching 500 followers! Go check it out in a hurry! The giveaway ends on Monday .

Thursday, November 11

:: giveaway ::

Tinker Girls Blog is hosting a givaway! Go check it out .


Wednesday, November 3

:: contest photos ::

And the photos for the Walking In Truth contest ....

These photos were the most liked! Thanks everybody for helping me chose! Love Ya'll!

Tuesday, November 2

:: blog issues ::

!!Please all!! Is my blog not showing up? Some people have said that only my pictures show up and not my words. Is it showing up? Please let me know in your comments, so I can fix the problem!

:: suggestions please! ::

Everyone ...I am entering a photo contest. The theme is fall. You can enter two photos. Can you tell me which ones I should enter?