Thursday, June 23

skipping through wildflowers (guest post)

First off, I will end the conundrum of why your dear Sarah isn't posting. Normally, one would think Wisconsin is a nice little northern state, known for it's cold weather and mild storms (storms in Wisconsin are very mild compared to those in Texas).

I'll have you know, on one of these "mild" thunderstorms, our dear Sarah was sitting nicely in her house. And to her shock (literally) the house was hit by lightening.

Let's just say, she's fine, but Mr. Computer seemed to take the shock too hard, and thus the burial will be tomorrow.


Skipping through wildflowers, on a summer day. Running through rain showers, when it turns to gray.

When everything is a summer day, we tend to skip and laugh and have a fantabulous time. But when things turn gray, our life seems to go upside down with it - and we let it stay that way.

Hear ye, Hear ye,
Lest you wish for body sore,
Beware the ogre inside the door

I tend to be grumpy. The above poem I composed to put on the sewing room door, lest I be disturbed. I like to dub grumpy people, "grumpcakes" - - you don't want a slice of them. Their cousin is "Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Whiner." 

Think about it. There's no excuse to be down just because things go wrong, if it happens to be raining in your life, just carry an umbrella.

Hello there! My name is Bethany, crafts is my name, boredom and uncreative were my names. You can find me skipping through wildflowers and sewing (photographing too) surrounded by my lovely family and holding a small candle too.

Thursday, June 16

{ The Gift of... }

    Spring is nearly over...
But, spring never leaves us without gifts.

It leaves us with brilliant blossoms that are unique and beautiful.

It leaves us with little baby birds that will continue to sing a new song...
It leaves us with blue skys and sunsets that promise a starry night or a clear day filled with bird's song and soft breezes blowing against our faces .
It leaves us with  joy, new life, memories, inspiration, hope, and numerous other things...
And it leaves with the gift of promise...

That spring will return.

Genesis 8:22...
 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat , and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Thursday, June 2


 You can never look at a sunset and not dream.

 I was looking at the beautiful sunset...It was brilliant . The sky was a crystal blue, and then all over the blue there was vibrant pink and blazing orange.  And the purple, had a soft,dreamy look . You couldn't just look at the sunset and turn away...It drew your attention and held it fast. It made you Dream.


 I sat there dreaming...Dreaming of a life that would never come true. Dreaming of my future and perhaps what it would hold. Dreaming of who I might become or what I might accomplish . Dreaming of things that were so wonderful . I sat there dreaming,and pondering, thinking, and wishing...And dreaming once again .

 Dreaming is a something more than just dreaming . It's like being in a little world that no-one else can see...Except for God and you. You can think thoughts that nobody would understand or comprehend, except for God and you . Use your Imagination, talk to God, dream . Because, no-one else will ever know or see...For it's just you and God . Dream.

Dream a little...