Thursday, December 29

Saying "yes" Or "no"...

 While looking over my walk with Christ and what He has taught me over the past year, one of the things that I really noticed, was that I have learned to trust in Him completely...not just when times are tough, but always. I feel like God really taught me to give everything to Him and to trust in Him no matter what. This past year, something happened that really shook my family and me...but, during that time of struggle I grew closer to Christ. That's when I started to give everything to the Lord. During the time of struggling,  I would continually remind myself to trust in Him...The thing that really opened my eyes to giving Christ everything and relying on Him, was what happened with my family and this saying, especially...

It's like God is saying this to you...

" Do you love me ? Do you Trust me ?"
And you either have to say "yes" or "no".


And I chose, " yes"...And I'm so glad I did.

What do you choose ?

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Monday, December 19

Christmas Memories...Guest post


  When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for Christmas…Christmas seemed to take forever to come. We counted down the days until Christmas and bought our presents at Dollar Tree a month before Christmas. We did our traditions such as getting a Christmas tree, looking at all the lights on the houses, singing the twelve days of Christmas until Christmas day came, etc. The week before, anticipating Christmas was almost unbearable as my sister, brother, and I awaited it. Christmas Eve we had the family party, and I thought I was so important since I got to stay up more here:) 

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Monday, December 5

More than can be Said or Written...

                                                                    I’m Thankful for…

                                                                My salvation in Christ
                                                For the healing & comfort that God gives us
                                                                     Christ’s Love
                                                                 wonderful friends
                                                                   God’s creation
                                                              every beautiful season
                                                                hand written letters
                                                                every hug and kiss
                                                      late-night talks with my sisters
                                                                God’s grace
                                             When my family and I are all together
                                        reminiscing over past family moments, and
                                                   having a good laugh over them.
                                                             I’m thankful for…
                                                       fuzzy socks and blankets
                                                             furry creatures J
                                         my brother who is smitten with love for a girl
                       my two sisters who I adore and look up to as amazing role models
                                      flowers, sunshine, breezes, raindrops, stars, etc…
                                                             I’m thankful for…
                                                                  God’s word
                                                   the protection that God gives
                                                                  a smile
                                                           I’m thankful for…
                                                       All those I love you’s
                                                   snuggling with my daddy
                                      messing around with my brother and sisters
                                             all those never forgetting moments
                                                         and a million more...

 I’m thankful for so much more…more than I could ever write or say. Above are just a few. These things that I’m thankful for, don’t even scratch the surface of all that I’m thankful for…I have so much to be thankful for, for God has given me exceedingly much. I’m thankful.
 What are you thankful for ?