Wednesday, May 2

Kilroy Was Here

 She entered into the hot, stuffy dressing-makeup rooms at three in the afternoon with excitement flowing through her...she rushed to the lighted mirrors and quickly started to take out the 24 sponge curlers. Her hair curled in tight ringlets, she pranced to the other side of the room to get her curls brushed, then teased and put up in an 1940's hairdo with feathers. Next was the makeup. She caked on nearly a whole thing of foundation ( stage makeup you know ;)), and sat patiently while her sister applied the eyeliner and mascara. Then to complete her look, the bright pink lipstick, false eyelashes, and jewels were applied.Her look now complete, it was time to worry about everyone else and help them with their makeup and hair...along with dancing on stage in between :)

 Soon, the clocked ticked to six, and it was time to don the costumes. The girl put on her multicolored sequined dress over her 40's hairdo and squeezed on her black high heels. Someone called out "Thirty minutes to showtime !!!", and everyone scrambled. Time ticked and all the actors and actresses, now looking like they came out of a 1940's history book with their makeup, hair, and costumes, nervously awaited seven p.m.. The time that they would shine onstage. The directors came back and said a couple encouraging words and prayed. Then everything went black...and you could hear the overture.

 The curtains then swished open along with a flourish of music, and the show started. The next three hours were filled with dancing, singing, acting, costume changes, make-up and hair fix ups, and shushed whispers. Before the actors knew it, it was the end and everyone was getting ready to bow. Then as quickly as it started, it ended. Everyone stood outside the auditorium and awaited for the spectators to come out. For an hour, the air was filled with "thankyou's", kisses, hugs, and flowers. All exhausted...the actors changed and went home and tried to sleep, for the next two days they would have to repeat the process :) Even though everyone knew they wouldn't be able to sleep a wink.

 This was my life last week...let me rephrase that. This was 62 children and teens life last week. But now it's over. No more eyelash glue, itchy, sequined dresses, or five inch heels for me. No more pretending that we're in the time period of WWII. Kilroy has left...but the rest of us will remember that he was here.

Pictures coming soon from Kilroy Was Here, the musical !

Monday, April 23

How Great is Our God ?

The other night we watched this whole video in our youth group. It is about 40 min., but the entire time, it honestly locked everyone's attention. It stunned and awed us. stunned me because I can't say what other people thought, for we were all silent after the video ;) I really encourage you to watch all 5 of the clips. It is incredible !

Friday, April 20

Times of Change

After completely deserting ya'll for past three months, I finally decided to come back. ;)

Everything is changing constantly...always. But we don't notice. I didn't notice until really this past year. Not really until these past months, actually. Around me everywhere, it seemed that everyone else was growing up. But me...well, I was left behind. Stuck. Stuck with my normal self. I wasn't changing. Or so I thought.

I watched as my brother, one of my greatest friends who I played air soft wars and went snowmobiling at midnight with ( ;) ), get a girlfriend and grow up. He changed. But I felt I still hadn't. Then I watched painfully my sister that I love so dearly play her last high-school basketball game. I was still no different. All around me...all my close friends...all the people I loved...they were growing up.

Then one day I woke up and noticed...I was changing. I was so was absorbed with everything else. Everyone else that I didn't notice I was changing, also. Partly was because I wasn't allowing myself to be changed. Then I noticed that I wanted change. I wanted God to work in me...wanted God to change me...

And He did...or I should say He is changing me. God has been doing stuff in my life that I can't even explain. Much of it has been hard...but it's worth it. God is changing me. And I want to be changed...changed by Him. Each day, He has been bringing things into my life to deal with. I never really noticed before all the things that God has been putting into my life, are preparing me for something. All the things He's been doing. But now I see it. God is shaping me. Molding me. As the potter did to the clay. I feel so...loved. I mean, really think about it. God is fashioning you and me in His image. He is making us into something beautiful. Something that no-one could put a finger on. Something that is unique...different.

Will you let God change you ?

Thursday, December 29

Saying "yes" Or "no"...

 While looking over my walk with Christ and what He has taught me over the past year, one of the things that I really noticed, was that I have learned to trust in Him completely...not just when times are tough, but always. I feel like God really taught me to give everything to Him and to trust in Him no matter what. This past year, something happened that really shook my family and me...but, during that time of struggle I grew closer to Christ. That's when I started to give everything to the Lord. During the time of struggling,  I would continually remind myself to trust in Him...The thing that really opened my eyes to giving Christ everything and relying on Him, was what happened with my family and this saying, especially...

It's like God is saying this to you...

" Do you love me ? Do you Trust me ?"
And you either have to say "yes" or "no".


And I chose, " yes"...And I'm so glad I did.

What do you choose ?

                                                                                                         (Image taken from google...)

Monday, December 19

Christmas Memories...Guest post


  When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for Christmas…Christmas seemed to take forever to come. We counted down the days until Christmas and bought our presents at Dollar Tree a month before Christmas. We did our traditions such as getting a Christmas tree, looking at all the lights on the houses, singing the twelve days of Christmas until Christmas day came, etc. The week before, anticipating Christmas was almost unbearable as my sister, brother, and I awaited it. Christmas Eve we had the family party, and I thought I was so important since I got to stay up more here:) 

This Christmas post was written for a Christmas blog party over at
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Monday, December 5

More than can be Said or Written...

                                                                    I’m Thankful for…

                                                                My salvation in Christ
                                                For the healing & comfort that God gives us
                                                                     Christ’s Love
                                                                 wonderful friends
                                                                   God’s creation
                                                              every beautiful season
                                                                hand written letters
                                                                every hug and kiss
                                                      late-night talks with my sisters
                                                                God’s grace
                                             When my family and I are all together
                                        reminiscing over past family moments, and
                                                   having a good laugh over them.
                                                             I’m thankful for…
                                                       fuzzy socks and blankets
                                                             furry creatures J
                                         my brother who is smitten with love for a girl
                       my two sisters who I adore and look up to as amazing role models
                                      flowers, sunshine, breezes, raindrops, stars, etc…
                                                             I’m thankful for…
                                                                  God’s word
                                                   the protection that God gives
                                                                  a smile
                                                           I’m thankful for…
                                                       All those I love you’s
                                                   snuggling with my daddy
                                      messing around with my brother and sisters
                                             all those never forgetting moments
                                                         and a million more...

 I’m thankful for so much more…more than I could ever write or say. Above are just a few. These things that I’m thankful for, don’t even scratch the surface of all that I’m thankful for…I have so much to be thankful for, for God has given me exceedingly much. I’m thankful.
 What are you thankful for ?

Thursday, November 17


This is one of my favorite quotes( the quote on your right)... In this quote are things that I all need immensely. I need the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. For there have been so many things that have happened in this past month that I wish had never come. But, I cannot change the things that occurred. So, I must take on courage to continue forward, even though there is pain, weakness, and hardships to overbear. And I need the wisdom from God to know what is good and wrong, and to not do evil...but to have the serenity, courage, and wisdom to overcome evil. And in all times, go to God, not just when times are rough, but always.