Tuesday, September 28

:: happy birthday ::

Happy Birthday to Hannah Bergmann ! Hannah is turning eleven in about 12 hours , so let's all post a comment and wish Hannah Happy Birthday!

P.s. I did not take this stunning picture . Isn't Beautiful, though ? !


Bethany said...

Lol, Hannah is reading over my shoulder and is moaning on "how everyone knows about me" In other words - she enjoys the attention.

Happy Birthday!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Sarah. It is a pretty stunning picture!!


Maria said...

Love the pic! Funny how Hannah getting all this attention......LOL.

Hannah Bergmann said...

Thank you, Sarah!! "Floppeth" *grin*

Thank you--thank you--thank you--Thank 'ee!!

(I did have a nice relaxing day with school off and all!! lol :o) *giggles* I just had to run up and down the stairs fetching Caroline about mmm, ten times, maybe! LOL)

I got to sleep in--finaly, once a year--ahh! ;)

oh-ho! Haha, and I got chocolate doughnuts for breakfast--and mini corndogs for lunch(I choked on those!) And for dinner I'm having some sort of chicken thing. (I'll tell you my dessert at the end of this!!

Actually Sarah, even though today IS my b-day, giggles, I'm not eleven yet!! *grin* (I was born about eight thirty p.m. lol)

Pretty picture of the sun--is it supposed to be rising or setting?? (I'll make a guess--uh, setting?)

Oh,dear,I just heard it was time to eat--can't wait to have --op!-- Rootbeer Floats!! ;) (I had that on my eighth or seventh birthday--or tenth!!)

LOL *hugs*

Katie said...

Happy belated b-day, Hannah!
11, huh? Really?