Friday, September 24

:: fallapalooza party ::

Come join the fun ! Below the Plateau is having a blog party ! After you answer the questions, (Below ) Link up !

1. If you could live in one of Jane Austen's Novels , which one would it be , and what character would you want to be ?

According to quiz's , I am Lizzy Bennett , and I would most defiantly want to be her . And of course, I would want to be in Pride And Prejudice .

2 . Chocolate or Carmel ?

I love both ! Especially dark chocolate , but because I must chose one ... I guess Carmel .

3. Ring ! Ring ! You receive a phone call from a national sweep stakes organization saying that you have won a life long supply of your favorite beverage . What would it be ?
Limeade Slushies ! They are most delicious on hot summer days ! Yummy !

4. What is your theme song ? The song that most matches you ?
I have no clue ! I'll have to figure out what my song is !
5. You are trapped on a deserted island , with only your clothes on you , and five other things . What are five things ?
~ Matches
~ A weapon
~ A tent
~ A cellphone ( To call for help ! )
~ The Bible
6. If you could go anywhere in the entire world on a vacation , where would you go ?
I would love to go to Italy , France , Greece, Spain , Russia , Japan , China, Norway ....In other words , I would love to tour all of Europe , plus a few other countries ! Actually , the whole world ! LOL!

7 . Favorite TV show , and why ?
I love Lucy ! Why ? Because , she is absolutely hilarious !

( Yes , I do LOVE LUCY ! )

8. Are you a coffee and donuts gal , or a tea and scones lady ?
Let's see ... Would Mocha and donuts count ? LOL !
9. The time machine has been created , and you're the first to try it ! What era would you want to travel to ?
The regency era ! I loved the dresses , and , I would love to do all the balls !

10. If forced to do , which one would you do ? Sky diving or scuba diving ?
Well , I wouldn't want to do either . But I have to say , maybe Sky diving . Just because I would be scared of a shark coming and having a tasty dinner .
11 . What was your favorite toy as a baby ?
I had a fake fur mink that I would carry around with me everywhere ! It was my snuggle buddy , playmate , fake pet , and imaginary baby . I loved that thing !
12. What was the last movie you watched ?
The Out- of- Towners ! It is extremely funny ! It reminded me of my family and I taking one of our road trips ! So funny !

13. What type of blogs do You like best ?
Hmmm... I love everyday life and photography blogs the best !
14. What is your favorite bible verse ?
I am fearfully and wonderfully made ... Ps. 139 :14
15.Ding dong ! your favorite actor / singer / celebrity is at your front door . Who would it be ?
Don Knots ! He was a natural comedian ! He made everybody laugh ,and forget about their burdens of the day !

And that's it folks ! Hope it was fun for you ! And don't forget to join the party , too !

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, This blog post was really cool... I loved all the pictures. I remember that fur mink thing now! Ya, you did have that with you wherever you went. I wished we would've saved it!
I want a limeade slushy right now! When are you getting that year's supply in...LOL! Love ya, Stacy