Wednesday, September 8

Happiness is ...

Happiness Is...

Happiness is ...

Recalling funny stories from past vacations with my family .

Happiness is...

Two screaming girls going on very scary rides and laughing and shrieking the whole time ! ( LOL !)


Bethany said...

Scariness Is: nearly being flipped out of a ride which seems out of control and your screaming and white with fear. ;) LOL

Bailey said...

Amen to both!

Hannah said...

Ha, ha Sarah!
You were talking about you and Bethany on the Zipper, weren't you? Or Freak Out..I'm probably right on the first one right??

P.s. That was fun! (I'm going to try to buy passes for all of us next year by sending in stories to Stone Soup..go to my e-mail I sent you.! :) Luv 'ee!

Hannah said...


1 more thing: You have 13 followers! Two more to go and you're off!
P.s. Though this has NOTHING to do with your post..but I'll follow your blog once I can!

Hannah said...

Oh, I guess you actually REALLY have 12 followers...but unless you count your picture for Stacy!

Sarah said...

Bethany ,
You are so right about Scariness is... ! LOL ! lOVE YOU !

Bailey ,
When you watched us go on those scary rides , your face would always go pale ! He,he!

I know you will follow my blog when your old enough ! Just wait two more years ! Love ya !

Love you all ! Thanks for commenting ! Sarah