Saturday, October 22

Down Creativity Hall...

  One day I was in a certain creative, crafting mood...I sat thinking of something I could make. This thought seeped into my mind about this certain craft and before I knew It, I had succeeded in making a crayon pencil holder.(I must say I felt very smart and accomplished.)

 And so, I thought you dear readers would enjoy learning about how to make this quick, simple craft. This craft takes about only 5-10 minutes, and almost any age can do this craft.

Supplies needed:

~ 1-2 boxes of crayons

~ glue

~ ribbon

~ 12 oz. can

 Step 1: First make sure your can is washed and clean and the paper on it is stripped off.

 Step 2: Now you take your crayons and glue them on the can one after the other. Make sure they are right next to each other so that they are touching.( You will most likely have to hold the glued crayon(s) on for a couple seconds so that the crayon doesn't fall off the can. )

 Step 3:After you have all your crayons glued onto the can, you will still see the top of the can. To cover the top of the can that is showing, take your ribbon and tie or glue it on the top of the can.

Step 4( optional) : If you desire, you can tie another ribbon around your crayons...Voila ! Your finished !

This craft is not only super simple and easy to make, but also looks adorable. Children, teens, and adults will all enjoy making this craft !

~ Other uses for the crayon pencil holder is a change jar for your pocket change, a little container for a flower or plant( If you use the crayon pencil holder for this, make sure you nail holes in the bottom of the can.), or a can to hold nails, paperclips, chalk, etc.