Monday, September 20

:: random things ::

1. Sorry !

I give my apology for not writing a post in nearly a week ! But , I have an excuse ! I've been very busy lately with school ( *Of course!*) and sports ! As most of you may not know ... I play with the Green Bay Home school group . So... my mother has to drive me to the big home of the Packers three times a week , and this city is quite far ! (* An hour exact !* ) So...that is why posting has been a little slow !
2. Decor

I went to Goodwill ( One of my most top rated stores ! LOL ) the other day to look for a skirt , and,to look at their costumes (to see if they had any civil war things ) which might come in handy for our annual Civil War ball! However,I did not succeed in finding any of the two . But ... I found these splendid decorations for me room for Only a dollar ! I was quite pleased ! * I edited this photo , and its "look "greatly improved, but it seems that the computer is going a little wacky --
it decided that it didn't want to save the photo ! So thus, the poor photo !

3. Headband

I bought this head band from a lady who makes shorts for the public school team and these amazing headbands ! I could not pass up buying one ,as well as seven other ones for my volleyball team ! I love 'em' !

* Blurry photo ! Ack! *

4. Scarves

I like to wear scarves with some outfits ( as does my sister ) and when I found these scarves at a flea market , I couldn't pass them up !

The springy yellow one

The fall one !

5. Ring
I've been looking for a silver ring with just a single gem. Something simple. I found this one ... I again couldn't restrain myself and bought it ! I purchased it at the same place where I bought the scarves ! I love It !!!!!!!

6. A Pleasant Surprise

My father and brother were in Canada on a father / son fishing trip along with a few other relatives . They weren't expected to come back until yesterday . (They left last Friday .) I was missing really missing them, for they had been gone almost 9 days ! I said ," I wish daddy would come home soon !" An hour later ,my dad pulled in the driveway ! I was thrilled ! ( Maybe wishes do come true ? Just kidding ! ) They decided that they were tired of fishing ,and that they would rather come home a day early . I was so glad they did !

7 . Hooray !!!!

I made it ! I made it to 15 followers ! I am counting my own picture for my sister Stacy . Because for some reason , she can't follow since we have the same email address . And because of 15 followers ... I am having a special post ! But you must wait for the Post ! Be Patient , for it may not come for a week !

8. Welcome

I just want to welcome all my new followers ! Thank you for following ! I really appreciate it !

9 . Thank you !

And I just want to thank all my followers for following my blog , too ! It means a lot ! You're all so wonderful and great ! Love you all so much !

10. Happiness is ...

Happiness Is...
Happiness is...
Taking photos of God's creation .
Happiness is...
Playing Volleyball !


This was a really random post , but I hope you enjoyed it ! Have a great week everybody !

P.s. Like I said before , the computer is acting really weird , so sorry about the spacing !

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Bethany said...

The last photo of the ring is lovely!!! I see you have been making use of Picnik. ;D