Wednesday, September 28

His Love...

 With school, volleyball, dance & biology classes, (along with numerous other things ) life has been extremely busy, which involves neglecting this little blog to make time for something else... sorry for the period of time where no posts were written. Thank you for understanding ! Much love, the authoress.

  With excitement and joy I welcome Autumn !

 To have fires in the fireplace once more,warm fuzzy socks and fleece blankets, the leaves on the trees in their brilliant colors, fall fashions and color combinations, bitter cold yet sunshiny days,etc...all of it makes me happy through and through.

 As each new season comes, I sadly say goodbye to the past season and welcome the new season with arms outstretched. And, of course, I claim that it's my favorite season as I do with the rest.

 I sigh with contentment, and thank the Lord for giving each new season with its beauty beyond explaining. To think that He loves, so much, that He created all these things. I'm so grateful and thankful .

 With the middle of Sept. till the start of fall, it brought struggles to me, also. I fought with myself over issues, worried over unnecessary things...but mostly, I was having problems with my walk with  Christ. I tried reading in God's word, but with no avail. I prayed to God, but He seemed silent. There is more, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

 I struggled for a time and finally emailed a very dear friend of what was going on. She replied back saying that she, too, was going through a similar struggle. It comforted me greatly to know that I was not alone. We started writing each other, encouraging, trying to up-lift one was one of the answers to my prayers. The emails sent and received were such a blessing, and had an impact on my walk with Christ. I know that I would have broken down if I hadn't had such a wonderful friend who encouraged me and uplifted me in a time where I needed it Thank you to my anonymous friend. You mean so much to me.

 During our conversations through email, I started finding answers and felt like I was getting somewhere with God. And the thing that tied the knot, was when I talked to my mother. She helped me in my faith in Christ, and now I'm on the right path once again.

The verse that impacted me the most during my time of struggle, I decided to share with all of you. It is...

Psalms 139:17-18

How precious are also thy thoughts unto me, O God ! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand...

 When I read this verse, I felt so loved. At first it was hard to comprehend, but then it all fit together. God thinks about me more than all the grains of sand that cover the earth. Do I think about Christ that much ?  I kept on thinking about it...there are millions of people on the earth, yet God thinks about me more than all the sand on the earth, still.

 His love is so amazing...It endures forever. He never leaves us or forsakes us, and in His time, He'll answer our prayers. Never forget His love for His arms are securely wrapped around you(me).

In Christ,

Wednesday, September 7

In-Training Homemakers Vision...

 Almost every future homemaker in-training has a vision of what they would want to be like as a homemaker...right ? Or is it just me ?

  As a little girl, I wanted to be like Laura Ingalls Wilder, the genuine frontier girl. She stuck it out when times were rough. Each day she tackled the tasks ahead, trampled the hardships down, and always wanted to be a help to her family. Did I mention that she paid for over half of Mary's college tuition, and almost never wanted to spend a dime on herself ? She was sacrificing..But, as reality hits, I know that I would never be a Laura Ingalls Wilder. Let me tell you, many times when hardships hit, I melt ...I didn't say always ! Besides, if Laura saw some of the things we use as shortcuts today, (microwaves, refrigeraters,freezers,etc.) she surely would faint.     


 Perhaps June Cleaver ? Who doesn't want to be a home-maker like June? She wore high-heals and fine jewelry while doing the housework.Not to mention the house was always spotless.But reality hits once more with a blow...Let's face it, I couldn't possibly wear heals all day ! My feet would be dying of pain by the end of the day, and my jewelry would most likely be down the kitchen sink drain.


  Maybe the lady on the poster"We Can Do It"? I could be her. The lady with bulging muscles and red bandanna and not to mention the stern" get it done" face. With being that lady, I would get my house-work done in record time !

No, I couldn't be her. I don't wear red bandannas and I usually don't have that stern face...


Perhaps, I should just be myself. Maybe I should stop trying to think of somebody I could be, and just be who I am . It will all turn out in the end...just perfectly. Because, God has a plan for you(me). Even from the measure of flour we use for biscuits, to the major decisions of life, He's got it worked out. And I'm positive, when I become a homemaker, I will not be the perfect vision of one. But, I will have my special tweaks and secrets that every happy homemaker has, I'm sure.