Saturday, May 28

{Confessions of a Frustrated Blogger...}

 You know, sometimes blogger can be a real pain...For nearly two weeks I tried to get onto my blogger dashboard...But with no avail .

Sometimes I felt like ripping my hair out, or...

Just smashing my computer to bits and pieces, and  then get a new computer. The idea sounded a bit pleasant...You know, high-speed Internet, all updated, all these cool gadgets on a new computer. Then I realized that I need to be thankful for what I have, no matter how frustrating computers can be sometimes .  So, Let me safely say this...

~I Survived the Blog Crash of 2011 ~

So, now I am back from all the business of May,(And the blog crash) and ready to give you a bunch of interesting and exciting posts that you'll be sure you won't want to miss !

Friday, May 13

{The Diary of Me...}

 The diary of me...

 Busy... Check !


Stressed out...Let's put a big check on that one, CHECK !

Lights, Camera, Action...Check !
 Yes, this is the diary of me . This explains what my life is like at the moment...And will continue like this until the end of May .

Why? Well you'll just have to wait and see .But, I will give you a sneak peak :)

Wednesday, May 4

{Giveaway Winners...}

  Before I announce the giveaway winners ...I would like to just thank all of you who entered and made this giveaway possible ! Ya'll are wonderful :)

And now, for the giveaway winners...

*Note...The giveaway winners were picked using So, everything is fair .

The winner of the aspen leaf earrings, donated by Molly, is...

Comment #6 ! Emily

And, the winner of the green dahlia earrings, donated by Beautoncourt Chase, is...

Comment # 43 ! Kathryn

Congratulations ! Winners, please leave me a comment on this blog post with your email addresses . ( Your comments won't be published. ) Thank you !

 Again, thank you to all who entered ! Love ya'll .