Wednesday, May 2

Kilroy Was Here

 She entered into the hot, stuffy dressing-makeup rooms at three in the afternoon with excitement flowing through her...she rushed to the lighted mirrors and quickly started to take out the 24 sponge curlers. Her hair curled in tight ringlets, she pranced to the other side of the room to get her curls brushed, then teased and put up in an 1940's hairdo with feathers. Next was the makeup. She caked on nearly a whole thing of foundation ( stage makeup you know ;)), and sat patiently while her sister applied the eyeliner and mascara. Then to complete her look, the bright pink lipstick, false eyelashes, and jewels were applied.Her look now complete, it was time to worry about everyone else and help them with their makeup and hair...along with dancing on stage in between :)

 Soon, the clocked ticked to six, and it was time to don the costumes. The girl put on her multicolored sequined dress over her 40's hairdo and squeezed on her black high heels. Someone called out "Thirty minutes to showtime !!!", and everyone scrambled. Time ticked and all the actors and actresses, now looking like they came out of a 1940's history book with their makeup, hair, and costumes, nervously awaited seven p.m.. The time that they would shine onstage. The directors came back and said a couple encouraging words and prayed. Then everything went black...and you could hear the overture.

 The curtains then swished open along with a flourish of music, and the show started. The next three hours were filled with dancing, singing, acting, costume changes, make-up and hair fix ups, and shushed whispers. Before the actors knew it, it was the end and everyone was getting ready to bow. Then as quickly as it started, it ended. Everyone stood outside the auditorium and awaited for the spectators to come out. For an hour, the air was filled with "thankyou's", kisses, hugs, and flowers. All exhausted...the actors changed and went home and tried to sleep, for the next two days they would have to repeat the process :) Even though everyone knew they wouldn't be able to sleep a wink.

 This was my life last week...let me rephrase that. This was 62 children and teens life last week. But now it's over. No more eyelash glue, itchy, sequined dresses, or five inch heels for me. No more pretending that we're in the time period of WWII. Kilroy has left...but the rest of us will remember that he was here.

Pictures coming soon from Kilroy Was Here, the musical !