Tuesday, August 10

Do You Know Me ?

I thought it would be interesting and fun for ya'll if I asked all of you 13 questions about me !!!! You will not only have fun , but you will learn a little about me ! This is how the game goes ... You have to read the questions to yourself . (DON'T LOOK AT THE ANSWERS at the bottom of the post !) After you've answered the questions orally , or in your mind , look at the answers and see how many you got right ! Tell me your results , and I would love to know some of the answers that you thought of ! Lets Play !

???????????????? Do You Know Me ( Sarah) ????????????????

1. What is one of my favorite animals ? A Horse , Cat , Dog , or Bunny ?

2. What is one of my favorite desserts ? Angel Food Cake , German Chocolate Cake ( With Coconut frosting ) , or Raspberry Crumble ?

3. What is one of my favorite cookies ? Peanut butter , Sugar , Chocolate Chip , or White Macadamia nut ?

4. What kind of car would I like to get when I get my driver's license ? PT Cruiser , Convertible , Truck , Mini van , Mustang , or Corvette ?

5. If I were to go to any place in the World , where would I like to go ? Italy , Greece , France , Russia , or China ?

6. What is one of my favorite seasons ? Fall ,Winter , Spring ,or Summer ?

7. What is my favorite holiday ? Christmas , Thanksgiving, Easter , or my Birthday ?

8.What is one of my favorite movies ? Garfield , Narnia , or Ice Age ?

9. What is one of my favorite stores ? Target , Dollar General , Fleet Farm , or Walmart ?

10.What was my favorite school subject last year ? Math , Reading , History , Science , or English ?

11.What is my favorite sport ? Volleyball , Basketball , or Softball ?

12. What Olympic sport do I like to watch the most ? Gymnastics , Skating , Skiing , or Track ?

13. What is one of my favorite ice cream flavors ? Chocolate chip cookie dough , Mint , Strawberry , or Chocolate ?

Okay , you've finished the questions ! Now let's see how many you got right !

Answers !

1. I love all of those animals ! But I do have to say that a horse is my favorite animal ! Why ? Because I love their strength , beauty , and their attitudes ! I actually have two of my own horses , two dogs , nine cats , and we have one cow !

2. German Chocolate Cake ! Yummy ! It is one of my dad's favorite ,too !

3. Sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles on top ! I love to decorate them , also ! I not only decorate cookies , but also decorate cakes !

4. I had a hard time choosing between a Mustang and Corvette . I finally choose a Mustang !

5. I would love to go to all of those places ! It is a tie between Italy and Greece !

6. Winter is the answer for this one. Because I was born in the winter and I love how the snow looks after a Snowfall ! It always looks like diamonds to me ! Spring is my other favorite season !

7.Christmas . Because it is my Lord and Savior's Birthday . And because all my loved ones are by me !( I like the cookies and presents , too ! )

8. Narnia . There is no two ways about it ! I love Narnia and can't wait till the third movie comes out !

9. Target ! I especially like the dollar aisle ! Lol !

10.History !

11. I play all those sports , but by far , my favorite is volleyball !

12.Gymnastics . I also like to watch the figure skating !

And the last question !

13. Chocolate chip cookie dough ! I also love Chocolate !

So there you are ! I hope you know a little more about me ! Tell me your results and some of your answers in your comment !

Love Ya'll ! Sarah


Bethany said...

It's rather hard to post your answers if you have to scroll down to the end of the post without seeing the real answers to comment...anyhoo - I did not see the answers and here are mine. :D

#1: Horse. Although ever since Stephen got Prince -- I wondered. :D

#2: German Chocolate Cake with Cocunut Frosting (I remember that conversation!

#3: White Macadamia Nut - just a wild guess. :D

#4: Convertable??? :D

#5: LOL, Russia.

#6: Winter?

#7: Ooo...Christmas I believe (your b-day is now a national holiday? JK :)

#8: Narnia? (*cough* Garfield)

#9: Target I'm guessing...

#10: Reading...

#11: Basketball :) I think. I'm pretty sure...

#12: Skating

#13: Cookie Dough...

Taking a peek at the answers...

Whatever happened to you going to Russia? LOL :D


Bailey said...

Booyah! I actually got most of these right. Ice cream flavor was way too easy. I missed the Olympics, sports, seasons, cars, vacation spots and cookies. So I got, er, 46% right? Maybe?

Great post, Sarah! See ya tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Hope you girls had fun with it ! I was running out of things to post , so I decided a game might be fun !

Flop ! Lol ! Yes, I still want to go to Russia , but I have a tad bit more interest in Italy and Greece!Actually I did a presentation on Greece 2 years ago , and I loved the country ! You still did really good ! If you asked me those questions , I would totally fail ! I don't know you're favorite cookie , sport,dessert, or dream car ! I would be clueless ! Love ya ! And hope you had fun playing , ? Who Knows Me ?
See you tonight !

Bailey, You did really good ! Of course you're not going to know every question ! But you got most of them right ! What did you put down for some of your answers ? HAVE 2 GO ! Love you and see ya both tonight !


Bethany said...

Sarah ~ Mind if I "tag" myself and write a post like it?

Sarah said...

Of course you can write a post like it ! I will love answering your questions ! Go for it ! Love you ! Sarah

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sarah,

This was a fun post, but I had 2 incorrect answers...and I thought I knew my daughter! All these years I thought my homemade raspberry crumble was your favorite. I'm surprised and a little disappointed that Betty Crocker's German cake mix beat me out! I think I'll go have a good cry.
Love You anyway, Mom

Katie said...

Great post!
You say you were born in the winter. When's your b-day?
No offense, but I hate winter.(ummm...I was born in winter, too.)Wish I wasn't.LOL!
That was fun! Now I know more about you. I don't think I knew any of that even though I spent a lot of time with you at Bailey's party.

Bekah said...

Sarah I don't know much about you so all my answers were wild guesses.So here it is...

1.Horse (cause their my favorite.You have two horses?!I'm so envious:C)

2.German Chocolate cake with Cocanut Frosting

3.Suger cookies

4.Mini van

5.Russia(England or Israel for me)



8.Narnia(I like the movies,but I wish they would've stuck more to the book for Prince Caspian.)

9.Fleet Farm




13.Chocolate chip cookie dough
Yes,seven out of thirteen right!I'd slap you a high-five right now if I could.I DID NOT CHEAT.

Bekah said...

Ummmm..I made a comment.Did you get it or did I do it wrong?

Sarah said...

Sorry about not checking my comments right away ! Some family matters were going on this week , and my church had Bible school . Thus I was busy ! Sorry ! Love Ya'll ! Sarah