Thursday, August 19

Freezing the Sweet Corn

It was the time of the year ( and it still is ... ) where we harvest and freeze our corn . The weather couldn't have been more perfect . It was sunny , but not hot . It was cool and breezy, and it was my mom and me being the happy homemakers, freezing corn . We started by picking the corn first ( *of course !*) . Here is my beautiful mum picking corn !

Me - Me my kitten strikes a cute pose for me !

After picking the corn , we sat at the side of our field and shucked the corn , while watching Me-Me chase butterflies and grasshoppers . It took forever to shuck the corn though !
When the corn was shucked and washed , we started to cut the kernels off the cob . That job took a good two hours !!! This is one of four kettles of corn with butter and salt on top .

Hours later ... the corn was finally ready to be put in the fridge and be refrigerated over night . The next morning we took the corn out of the fridge and bagged it . Then we put it in the freezer .

The next day ... Tada ! Frozen sweet corn ! And the harvesting of the sweetcorn is finished !
Happy Sweetcorn Harvesting !
P.S. I apologize for the late post , but lately I've been very busy , and some family things have been going on . Sorry ! I will try to keep up better with my posts ! Love ya'll !


Bethany said...

Loved that picture of your Mum and your adorable kitty. :)

Ack -- thank goodness we didn't plant a lot of corn -- I don't even know if we'll get around harvesting it this week. :)


Hannah said...

M'dear Sarah~

Loverly post! I like picking corn, but I've only picked one ear before, 'cause ours never grows. I'm sure you had fun?? :) (Ours is sorta growing a little better this year, though Dad says to let it grow a little more..I'm glad, because I don't want to pick ant-filled corn!) We only got one or two ears of corn last year, but that's because we only planted one teeny row!

Have you tried any yet? (It's probably good! (Everything ya'll make is delicious!)

P.s. Speaking of cats, Snickerdoodle caught a mouse last night. (Surprising!) :-)

Bailey said...

Sarah! I've been thinking of you all week. (((hugs)))

Just love this post. You're so sweet and helpful and homemakery. Give your mother (and your cuuute kitten!) hugs for me!


p.s. I found the mouse that Snickerdoodle caught.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, This was an excellent post. I think people will liking looking at how you freeze sweet corn. I like the picture where the butter is in the corn... it looks really yummy. (and yes... mi mi is so cute. He should be Miss Cat USA.) Keep up the great work on your blog. LOVE YOU!!!!! STACY

Sarah said...

Thanks Stacy ! Love yew !

Thankyou all of you for your wonderful comments ! Love Ya'll ! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sarah,

What would I do without you?! You are such a blessing and a great help to your old mum. I LOVE YOU!!!


Bekah said...

Corn?I love corn.
Whenever I say that my cousin thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.But it is my favorite vegtable.
The pictures made me drool on the keyboard.:D

MamaBergmann said...

Sarah, do you cook the corn for a while before bagging it or just let the butter melt in? Thinking about freezing some good locally grown corn for the winter...

miss m said...

MMMMM, my mom just did that Monday. :) Now we will be able to have corn whenever.

Thank you for your comment and followeing my blog. In return, I will follow yours. :D Hope you make it to 15 followers soon!