Friday, August 20

Extreme Refriderater Makeover

I was walking through the kitchen and noticed our messy fridge ! It was cluttered and crammed together , and had ugly magnets all over ! Ugh ! It made the kitchen look messy ! Then I remembered the new magnets that I had just bought ! Hurrying to my room , I grabbed the magnets And once again headed to the kitchen . Then I started !


The first thing I did was take all the ugly magnets off the fridge , and then the pictures .

~ After

After a couple minutes , Wala ! It's finished ! *Sorry about the blurry picture ! It looked much better , than in this picture ! * The Extreme makeover of the fridge is finished ! Do you like it or did you like it the way it was before ? Tell me in your comments !

The Extreme Fridge Makeover Designer : Sarah Reinke


Bethany said...

Your fridge looks much cleaner and organized than before (although sometimes messy refridgerators are fun to look at :).


Bailey said...

You didn't like the Carley Sales, Inc. magnet? For shame, dearest.

We Bergmanns know a thing or two about messy fridges. Hurrah for your initiative - it looks loverly!


Hannah Bergmann said...


I can see what you mean: it really did need an extreme makeover, but it looks really nice now!



Sarah said...

Hey Ya'll ! Hope things are going good at the Bergmann household !Is Chase back yet ? Stephen is excited to see him ! (*Although he never trys to show it ! LOL !* ) Love ya'll ! And thankyou for the comments ! Sarah

Hannah Bergmann said...


I just like to say..maybe I'll use your idea and organize ours..I've seen too many cluttered things around our house, like such.

P.s. Chase is coming home very soon tonight!! :) (I imagine Chase is anxious to see Stephen as well!)

Katie said...

Fridge looks nice, Sarah. I think you're a little like me. Maybe not. Like to organize? I get in a mood sometimes and..."Katie, where'd you put the coffee mugs?"
Lots of times Mom doesn't like how I organize, but this last time...she did. (I was so pleased!) It's not good when I get in the mood to organize Dad's stuff in the garage. "Who moved my hammer?" (If I ever forgot where I put something, Dad would blame the boys.:-)) Thankfully, that hasn't happened. (I don't think.)

Anonymous said...

You took over my spot of organizing the refrigerator. Fun, uh? Looks great! Love, Stacy

Bekah said...

It looks great!Can you do my room as well?

MamaBergmann said...

Sarah R. or any Bergmann girls reading this: you are free to organize my magnet chaos on our refrigerator. The magnets, notes, photos, and drawings seem to multiply overnight. Just don't get rid of my grocery list or meal plan list...and things have to be high enough so Caroline doesn't grab them off and eat them.

Great job, Sarah!

Chelsea said...

That looks so much better, Sarah! I'm glad you took the time to organize it because it was looking pretty cluttered before. Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Have a good week your self , Chelsea!

Come on Bergmann girls ! Organize your fridge ! It's fun ! Be Creative !

Love ya'll !

Post coming up soon ! Lol ! ( Try To AT Least !)