Tuesday, August 3

The Camping Trip

On Sunday, a group of three very merry teens ( and two chaperones)set off for a church camping trip. ( There came two teens a little later from our church .) The group of teens thought that the camping trip was going to be more than a little fun! They daydreamed that the camping trip would be bug free, nice, cool weather , no rain ; and they imagined that they would play all their favorite games . The drive was a good hour , but they soon arrived at the campsite , High Cliff State Park . The carsick travelers stumbled out of their cramped quarters in the car , and ssttrreettcchheedd!!!! Then they started to set up camp . The tent , of course , always gets set up first . After camp was set up , they went to greet the other weary campers . Then the fun began ... so they thought . After conversing awhile , it was time for a supper of hot dogs.( And the hot dogs were very delicious , so I say). Following the meal , they all settled down for a devotion on Love from Philemon . When the devos were finished , all the giddy teens decided it was time to play a version of tag and capture the flag in slippery , wet grass , pitch dark with people running around in black ( Quite dangerous !). The game started and ended two hours later , injuring three people and making one camper cry . (The teams never found out who won ). All the exhausted players collapsed on the nearest chairs , expecting to have a nice rest . It was not to be ... Soon the monsoons of mosquitoes came and started to buzz , bite , and bug people. The campers ran to the can of bug spray , only to find it empty . Now the sweaty campers searched for another can of bug spray and finally retrieved a bottle of HEAVY DUTY spray . They could relax for a few minutes , but would soon have to retreat to their tents , where the young ladies would hear the boys tell their stories from the other tents . The teens woke to the sound of rattling pots . Tumbling out of bed , they reached the breakfast table , still sweaty , full of dirt , with scratches , bruises , and bug bites from the night before . After devos and breakfast , the girls hurried to the showers to wash their bug sprayed smelly bodies . When the girls arrived back , most of the campers played a game called Ninja ( which is a game of quick reflexes )volleyball, and card games( played in the tents while it rained!). The next day went well , except for the swarms of flies always landing on your legs . But when night came , the flies went to bed , and the armies of mosquitoes awoke again! All went to bed rather early , due to the pesky insects . In the morning , all the teens were grumpy and scurried to get their things together . They were all eager to return to their own lovely, adorable homes . All the campers left quite joyously , but also a bit sad for the weekend to end . Granted, all the insects and injuries , the camping outing was rather fun ; and, most campers looked forward to returning next summer .

The end

By one of the weary teen , campers : Sarah Reinke


Bethany said...

Wow - sounds...ummm...sorta fun. :o) -- who were all the three people...I'm lost ;)


Sarah said...

The three people were ,Stacy , Christian , Me , and two Letter boys came later . Sorry I made that sound kinda confusing ! Love you ! Sarah

Farmgirl said...

Yeah,I'm going to be at fari from mon-sat all day long each day! But were only showing on Thurs. and Sat.!! lol, I hope my sister will want to do whatever I want. Ecspecially the watermelon eating contests!!

Rebekah said...

Is camp always like that?:D

I once played capture the flag in the dark with some friends.The oldest boy chipped a tooth.He was worried that he wouldn't be able to get it fixed before his wedding!