Thursday, August 26

Random Photos

This is a random post with random pictures that I recently took ! Hope you like the pictures !

Fluffy Clouds !

Our adorable puppy , Prince !

Me-Me . My super , lovable, cute kittie !

Zinnias . We have these flowers in our garden !

Prince , again ! * With his sad expression ! He thought I was going to put him in the kennel ! LOL ! *
Have a great rest of the week ! The Photographer: Sarah


Farmgirl said...

cool picture of the clouds! Aw he is cute!

Bekah said...

Prince is soooooo cute!My siblings and I are still trying to convince our dad that we absolutely MUST have a dog.The picture has me begging all over agian!

Bailey said...

Princey! Too cute. Luv them puppies. (Cute baby animals cause my grammar to go haywire. Sorry about that.)

You're really good at picture taking, sister. ((hugs))

Maria said...

Wow Sarah! Great pictures! I agree with everyone else. Prince is SOOOOOO cute. You are so lucky to have an adorable puppy!

HannahBergmann said...


Prince is really, really, cute--is he energetic? your kitty-cat..why are all your grown cats look the same; Meany, Skittles, and Me-Me? (Well, you probably can tell a huge difference from them, since they're your kitties, but were they from the same litter of cats?) That is probably a silly question to ask, you may say, because, that's very likely.

Those flowers are very prettiful. I love Zinnias...well, I just knew about them yesterday when I was looking at a flower book. But, can't you still like something that you have only seen once? If you don't know what I mean...: Okay, I came to your house for Stephen's graduation, I saw Prince for the first time, and I liked that makes sense? *shrug*


Katie said...

Prince is cute.
I love zinnias. I have three different pink ones in my pathetic little flower garden. I love flowers.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Prince is absolutely adorable. You should be in photography in 4-H. The photo with prince's head turned slighty would be a great entry... that would look so cool blown up.
I like your post you did about mom as well. I always like knowing what other people truly like and getting to see their insight. I've learned things I didn't know about mom.
Great post! Love you! Stacy

Bethany said...

Some reason this didn't show up on my thingy...

lOVE Prince - so cute!



Anonymous said...

Sarah...just for you to know--this has NOTHING to do with the post at all, but I'm writing it on this old one, because I don't really want peoples reading it...I mean..since it'll have nothing to do with ANY of your posts...then, well, get it? Anyways, computers...well, the computer won't load up the background except the header, and the words won't load up...the pictures take FOREVER to load up, and so to the comment button..sooo, if you post, I won't be able to read it...sooo, I won't know what to comment about, so, I can't comment, and soo...I'm really sorry...until my dad fixes the computer...and if you have a tip on something about can either e-mail me...or comment on this same post...but if you don't..well, that's okay as well!

Oh, Sarah, when is the Harvest Party? (I'm so sorry..I've been asking you like three times already..and Flop said she put it on the calendar, but she didn't, and now none of us four know what date and time it is...please REPLY!!)
P.s. I sent you an e-mail...and a super short e-mail with one question! :) HUGS>>>> LUV U! *see u Wednesday!!* (Why can you only stay for the first class? Not meaning to be rude..just wondering. ;o) Doing something??)