Sunday, February 13

Uncreative ?

Lately , I've been uncreative .

I feel like my blog titles are simply lame . They're uninteresting  and dreadfully boring.

My blog posts are short and skimpy . And this past week , I 've been struggling to write blog posts . I simply don't know what to blog about . Honestly , I don't . I do have a few things I could write about , but I was going to save those ideas for later .

And my photography . Ugh ! I haven't been able to get any decent pictures . And everything is white . What's there to take pictures of ? And when I do take pictures , my hands freeze , so thus resulting in terrible pictures !

* Sigh *

Are you feeling uncreative lately ? Is your mind empty of ideas ? Are you finding your posts lame because of uninspired ideas ?

Your not alone .

I have been lately uncreative .

So blog friends ... Would you please tell me what you  would like to see on my blog . Do you want to see craft posts  , daily life , contests , pictures , etc.

Please , tell me what you would like to see on here . Because my brain is not calculating anything to write about lately . Please tell me things you would like , so I can once again get creative !


Crista "Moriah" said...

Oh, I don't think your posts are uncreative at all! Don't beat yourself up about it, okay? You're blog is great!!! :D

As for ideas for posts...hmm..
It would be interesting to hear your review of some books/movies you enjoy.

An excerpt from your favorite devotional...

Or have you thought about interviewing a blogging friend?

Just some thoughts. :)


Anna said...

Oh Sarah...I am not a good follower and don't often look at people's blogs, but everything that I've looked at on your blog has been interesting and enjoyable. :) I find that it helps to schedule posts (I used to think I'd run out of ideas if I posted every other day, but when I actually scheduled posts for every other day, I found that I was chomping at the bit to post more things - when I still had posts scheduled for about a month!)

I think your daily life would be fun...maybe something about your horses? Sewing projects...a tutorial of how to make something for one's hopechest.. You'll come up with something, I'm pretty sure. :)

Hope you have fun!

Sarah Grace said...

Anna ,

Thanks for the advice ! Maybe I'll post about something I've made recently ! Love you :)

Christa Moriah,

Thanks for lifting up my spirits !
I was maybe thinking about doing a book or movie review .

Thanks for commenting ! Love ya'll :)

Kendra said...

Hi Sarah! I got your note on my blog. I do have an etsy account, but not a shop. Hope that helps!

Crista "Moriah" said...


Kara said...

Aw. Poor Sarah! I know, I have been finding it's been rather hard to come up with interesting and fun posts.

Just do "random" things! :) Everyone appreciates a "creative" post!