Tuesday, February 22

{Candid Camera - Pot - Shoes , Etc ...}

 Nearly 5 times I've started to write this post and have erased it because I didn't like the way I worded it ! Lol ! So , this is the last time I'm writing this :)

Several days ago , It was simply gorgeous outside ! But that was before Storm Dana hit us in Wisconsin . Now we have 6 foot drifts ! But during the time it was warm and springy feeling , I took the chance to take some pictures .

Hope you like the pics :)

*Note: This Photo is being entered in Candid Camera over at joyfullgirlcreations.blogspot.com

 I don't like this photo as much as the other one .
 I LOVE this picture ! The lighting is amazing , I love the pot , the leaves and sticks in the background , the edit I did on it ... Love it !

 I really like this picture . Maybe I like it for it's simplicity .
Well , I hope you like the pictures !

Love ya'll ! Have a great week :)


Bethany said...

2nd photo? Sawesome. :) Thanks for entering!

See ya tomorrow!


Kara said...

I love the second pic. of the shoes! The pot and "nail" picture are beautiful as well!

See ya soon, for V-ball practice!

Bailey said...

Ooh! I love it! Your entry is exquisite...cute shoes.

Anonymous said...

Sarah... the third picture of the clay pot is REALLY good. You are getting to be so good at everything you do! -Stacy