Thursday, February 17

Movie Review { Despicable Me }

One of my followers said that they would like to see some movie reviews . So , I am going to do a movie review on Despicable Me :)

Despicable Me , Is about a villain named Grew , and three orphan girls .

Grew , is determined to steal the moon , with the help of his minions ( Those are minions in the video below :) . But , another villain , Vector , has stolen the tool Grew needs to shrink the moon . So , he adopts 3 girls to help him get the tool . At first he is rather rude to them , and makes them stay in the kitchen ... But , soon , the girls start to melt his heart . He becomes just like a father to them , but his inventor notices that these girls are getting into the way of stealing the moon . He then fixes for the adoption center to take the girls away from Grew . Broken-hearted , but determined , Grew sets off to the moon in his rocket . He manages to shrink the moon , but then notices that he can still make his girl's dance recital . When he arrives at the recital , he finds a note from Vector saying , "I have the girls . Bring the moon , and I will return the girls  !" Grew then gives up the moon to Vector , but Vector goes back on his promise and flies off with the girls . In the meantime ... Grew's inventor notices that the tool that shrinks things , only shrinks things for awhile , but then goes back to it's normal shape . So , he goes off into his airplane to search for Grew and tell him the news . 

To make a long story short ... Grew saves his girls, ( And re-adopts them :)  and the moon is returned to it's proper place !

This may sound like a dumb , stupid movie , but I found that it isn't .It is hilarious, ( You'll be holding your sides through the entire movie :)  but  it is also really heart-warming and touching .

I would recommend this movie to anyone !

If you would like to see more clips , just go to youtube and type in Despicable Me / clips .


Bethany said...

Ack - hilarious!! I think I just might watch it. :)

Bailey said...

ROTFLOL! Is it just me, or do these minions sound like yellow Junior Asparagus's?


Too cute. I wanna see it now. =)

HannahVanillaBergmann said...

Hahahaha! I LOVE that! 'tis hilarious! ;-)

Monica said...

I thought this movie was ridiculously funny. I rented Despicable Me last night from Blockbuster for my two younger brothers and I to watch together and we all loved it. Enjoying this movie with my family made me really glad I told my mom about DISH’s new offer to give Blockbuster free for three months to new customers, I work for DISH so knew about it right away and was able to tell her too. My mom thought the movie was sweet and my brothers were laughing the whole time; the minions were a great touch. It gets two thumbs up from us.