Tuesday, February 8

{ Vintage }

Lets' just say this ... I love vintage clothing !!!!

Just a nice dress to go for a stroll in .
I love the pure whiteness of this dress .( It could be a little more modest , though . )  

All of these dresses above , are adorable ! ( And pretty modest !)
*Sigh* ( Wishful dreaming ...)
Cute or what ?
It makes me think of summer !

I love this dress !!!!! Wish I could have it .
So simple , yet cute .
This dress is one of my favorites . It reminds me of June Cleaver .
Liking the peach color . ( It little more modest , please !)
Super cute ... But could be a little longer .

* Sigh * Don't you wish you could have them all ? I  do ... And aren't they adorable ???

Have a great week !

The Vintage Lover


Bethany said...

That red dress :: I'm stealing it. :)

Happy you're special day. :) ((I had to have some excuse for making a chocolate cake. :)



Bailey said...

Aagh! Don't torture us! Those are some of the most adorable dresses I've ever seen. I'd give anything for a twirly summer dress to go get ice cream in with a bunch of swishy-skirt-clad best friends. =)

How materialistic of me. But it's true. I go gaga for this type of cuteness.

Shelley said...

I saw your blog header over at Joyfull Girl Creations. It looks awesome! Nice blog! :) All those dresses are lovely! I really like the red! :)

Bekah said...

You're right...those dresses are so cute!

Bekah said...

Oh yeah,I think that You Have a Friend in Me was written by Steven Curtis Chapman's son,Caleb.
I'm pretty sure Kt read it in a book.

Anna said...

That one dress...(Ack..I shall have to find a better way to describe it) is cute! lol:) I liked the skirt.

(Have fun guessing at that one...)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the black dress (among all of the others, of course!) - it really looked like Audrey Hepburn.
Not sure which was my favourite... Too many to choose from!
Anyways, you have a great selection here, but can't you find a way to 3D-ise them and send them to me, please?
I'm so jealous of all the people who actually lived in the 50s that got to wear this style so musch more than me!

holy said...

such adorable dresses!! lovin' the last one..

Sarah said...

Hey Sarah,
My name is Sarah also..what a coincidence! I am in the process of looking for a a cute vintage formal dress for a dance I'm going to and I love the peach/pink dress you have a picture of! Is it possible to tell me where you found it??
-Sarah Baird :)

Sarah Grace said...

Hey Sarah !

Vintage Prom !!!! Sounds so much fun! Actually, my sister models for vintage clothing, and she went to a vintage prom and had a blast:)

One website where you'll find some cute vintage prom dresses is at:


Other websites are: vintageous.com


I unfortunantly was unable to find the one peach dress:( But I'm sure you'll be able to find some similar ones on the website I gave you above. Hope this helps you !~Sarah

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow one that was at the top!!!!!!! i wish i grew up in the 1950's!!!!!!!!!!

Cassidy said...

The third one from the top looks like Dorothy's dress in The Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy for Halloween in kindergarten! Sarah: I love how you look for modesty in a dress! I have long legs and it is so hard to find a good dress these days! And I'm so jealous of the people that grew up in these dresses.

Katrina Penley said...

Katrina says that she wishes to buy 3 of these dresses that she admires. I can't believe that these dresses are actually real. They're to gorgeous to even exist. I wish that I owned all of them. And I would if I could but I can't so I won't.

Anonymous said...

Can we all just go and have lunch and just talk about how much we wish to have lived in the1950s? I just found my dress for homecomming and it has a very similar cut as the peach dress but with a floral print. Can't wait!