Saturday, January 15


1. I've been contemplating about changing my blog design . I know that I've only had  This design since the beginning of Dec.... But I'm just kind of sick of  my design right now . What do you think ? Should I change it or not ?

2.Guess what ? I'm starting ballet in a week ! I'm super excited !

3.Well , I would write more ... but I need to be off ! ( Sorry if this has been boring you !)



Bailey said...

1. Personally...I like it. But I guess Bethany is the one you should be asking. :D

2. *squee!* I know! I'm super excited!

See ya tomorrow. ((hugs))

Abby said...

I like this design, but something else would be fine with me! I do like how light and easy to read this design is though.

That's so exciting! I know you'll do a great job.

Abby :D