Tuesday, January 25

I Year Older

Second term is starting . I'm on track with all my subjects except for ... math . Ugh ! It seems like I'm always behind in math . I can never catch up with it ! 

Many people are saying that school is SoOoOoOo unbearable , but I am finding it quite tolerable . Perhaps I'm even enjoying it . Maybe it's because I'm busy or ... Okay ! I'm rambling on about nothing ! Seriously ... I'm not even thinking !!!!! What was I going to REALLY say ??? Hmmm ... Ahh , Yes . Starting this next semester is not the only thing ... I am also a year older ! Yup , I celebrated my birthday yesterday . My day wasn't exciting at all . I just did school . But I did celebrate it over the weekend . On Sat. I had my first ballet practice ! It was amazing !!!!!!! I loved it ! Although I was a little sore after it . lol ! After ballet , I went to watch my brother and dad play basketball . Later on that night , We ( my family and I ) all went bowling. And ... I got my first strike ! Yeah , I was pretty proud of myself . LOL ! Then on Sun. we went to church and then had our family friends over . We watched the Packer game , and in between commercials  we played minute to win it games ! After they left , I opened my presents !

I had a wonderful birthday ! But it's not over yet ... On Sat. I'm going to have some friends over , and we're all going to go tubing !

I hope you all have a splendid week !



Bethany said...

You are offering health care for those poor "friends" that will be bruised and battered. :)

Happy birthday! Love you!


Bailey said...

Your birthday party amid the Packer festivities sounds so fun!!! Happy Birthday, my dear girl!

Wasn't ballet simply fantastic? I'm not quite used to the bar stretches (as evidenced by complaining muscles) but those have to be my favorite part. :o)

Sarah Grace said...

Lol , Bethany ! You always Do have to be sarcastic ! lol!

Bailey , I like the bar stretches most so far , too !

Kara said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Bekah said...

Happy birthday, Sarah!
How old are you...*cough*, I mean young.:D 12 or 13 maybe?