Monday, January 31

Pay it Forward

I finally found time to tell you all about Pay it Forward .

Okay , This is how it works ...

The first person that comments , will win these earrings !
And the next two people that comment , will win two handmade cards ! Unfortunately , the cards are not done yet .( But they soon will be !)

But ... In order to receive the prize , You   , must also give three HANDMADE things away  . The prizes can be just a handmade card . It doesn't have to be fancy . Anything you want to giveaway is fine !

Rules :

Must pledge to give three handmade things away .

Must have a blog !

Once you comment here , you must put the pay it forward ( below)on your blog .
Once you comment , please give me your email address .

So please , Join in the fun !

( And remember , it doesn't have to be anything fancy that you made . )

Others who are doing it :

Just For Fun ( She started all this fun ! )
And ...
Ismikendra  @

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