Monday, August 22

One Week...That's All

I have one week...That is all.

One week of running free before I must go back to the grasps of learning. One week to do all those things I intended on doing during the summer...not before it ended.  One week left before the pencil scratches the paper, etc.One week.

But I'm ready. Summer break helps us all get rejuvenated and relax and spend time with family. To do things that you most likely wouldn't be able to do during the school year. But we all must go back. And I'm ready.

I'm ready to read books, write papers, and learn new things. To start sports again and study. I'm excited about starting my new Biology class with some other home-school friends and do some other things. I'm ready !

 So, I guess it's okay that summer is almost gone. I'm not saying it's over, yet. I still have one week, then a weekend vacation to a water park before school starts on Monday.But, I'm ready to go back.

How about you ?


Bethany Grace said...

Well, you could spend your summer in the winter, but I guess I'll just spend my winter in school, because school is a little more exciting!

Biology will be fun! There's five others besides you. :) I'm excited. Use funky pencils!

Alexxus H. said...

We're starting our homeschooling on the 5th of September. Whoop! I'm so ready for freshmen year....English and Literature I here I come!!! (And Algebra I....*groans*)


Emily Rachelle said...

I always feel sad at the end of summer, not because school is starting, but because my Summer List is never even half finished. Haha, guess it happens to everyone.

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