Wednesday, August 10

{Gold Rush Fever}

It's a Gold Rush !

Seriously it is...VBS Gold Rush 2011:)

                                                                       Bailey(left), me ( right).

Our whole church is donning our cowboy hats and boots, and trying to figure out a Texan accent. The classrooms are decorated woodland scenes with a cabin in the corner...And there is a "mine shaft" going down to the basement of our little country church.

All of the volunteers were ecstatic to start the VBS week, and I'm sure the children were anticipating the Gold Rush VBS, too.
                                                                    Bethany( pictured right), me (left).
The children started arriving, and soon VBS was off to a start! The night quickly passed and before everyone knew it, we were watching the ending skit .

And so, for the next week my life will be filled with screaming, laughing children, crafts and games, and we can't forget the puppet skits along with another long list of things :) What are you doing, and how is your week going ?

P.s. While a certain girl was getting ready for vbs, she put on some sunglasses. And as you can see...the results:)

Much love !


Bailey said...

"Hey, that's not such a bad lookin' outlaw." ---- The Burrito Bandido

In sunglasses, you look even spiffier.

Love you, Sweet Clementine! Or Sassafras Sarah...or whatever your name is now.

Bethany Grace said...

Wow...those sunglasses are amazing. :)

The Kautts said...

Hey, we did Goldrush at our church for VBS too! :) AWESOMENESS!

~Johanna Kautt