Wednesday, September 7

In-Training Homemakers Vision...

 Almost every future homemaker in-training has a vision of what they would want to be like as a homemaker...right ? Or is it just me ?

  As a little girl, I wanted to be like Laura Ingalls Wilder, the genuine frontier girl. She stuck it out when times were rough. Each day she tackled the tasks ahead, trampled the hardships down, and always wanted to be a help to her family. Did I mention that she paid for over half of Mary's college tuition, and almost never wanted to spend a dime on herself ? She was sacrificing..But, as reality hits, I know that I would never be a Laura Ingalls Wilder. Let me tell you, many times when hardships hit, I melt ...I didn't say always ! Besides, if Laura saw some of the things we use as shortcuts today, (microwaves, refrigeraters,freezers,etc.) she surely would faint.     


 Perhaps June Cleaver ? Who doesn't want to be a home-maker like June? She wore high-heals and fine jewelry while doing the housework.Not to mention the house was always spotless.But reality hits once more with a blow...Let's face it, I couldn't possibly wear heals all day ! My feet would be dying of pain by the end of the day, and my jewelry would most likely be down the kitchen sink drain.


  Maybe the lady on the poster"We Can Do It"? I could be her. The lady with bulging muscles and red bandanna and not to mention the stern" get it done" face. With being that lady, I would get my house-work done in record time !

No, I couldn't be her. I don't wear red bandannas and I usually don't have that stern face...


Perhaps, I should just be myself. Maybe I should stop trying to think of somebody I could be, and just be who I am . It will all turn out in the end...just perfectly. Because, God has a plan for you(me). Even from the measure of flour we use for biscuits, to the major decisions of life, He's got it worked out. And I'm positive, when I become a homemaker, I will not be the perfect vision of one. But, I will have my special tweaks and secrets that every happy homemaker has, I'm sure.


Kara said...

Very lovely post, Miss Sarah! :)

Bailey said...

Love, love, love this! It's so discouraging when these larger-than-life pictures become the "epitome" of homemaking...and I think, "Well, forget homemaking - I'm not remotely like her." But when I'm focused on ministering to MY family (not the Ingalls's) and using MY talents (not June Cleaver's), homemaking gets happier.

P.S. Heels should be illegal. They're evil.

Anna said...

I like this idea. :) God made us with our own special talents and "tweaks."

Olivia said...

Love this :)
I write the blog

Would you sometime guest blog for me?if not that's fine too.

Emily Rachelle said...

I definitely feel like that sometimes - I could never be a homemaker because I can't garden like so-and-so; and I can barely make pillows, much less dresses; and most of my favorite meals (that I do like, and not just tolerate, thankyouverymuch) come from boxes and 20-minute packages....

But I CAN bake. And I'm told I'll make a wonderful mother. So that's something. :)

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