Monday, August 1

Just Learn to Dance...

  I was watching the rainstorm pass from the window. And as I sat looking, I asked myself this question...Why do so many people despise it when it rains ? Why can't they just learn to dance in it ?

Whenever I go somewhere after a rain-fall or while it's raining I hear people reporting their thoughts about that "horrible" rain ! Or they say we don't need it . It seems that people always look over the beautiful side of rain .

A shower of rain starts with one drop...And in that drop there is many different things.One drop starts a nourishing rain where all will get replenishment .One drop will start a shower of droplets, and you may see a rainbow after it. One drop starts a rain-fall which will give new life and vigour . It will make the birds sing, the bees buzz, the flowers will bloom even more, the tree leaves will wave in the wind and make a sort of song...And all of it started with one drop. And the One who made that one drop,started everything. It wasn't just that one drop that did it was the Lord God.

So, The earth rejoices at a rain-fall... So why don't we?

We need to dance in the rain ! We need to rejoice that it is here...We need to be thankful, even if we think we don't need it .

Throw off you shoes get your feet a little wet, grab an umbrella go outside and sing with the rain, throw on a raincoat and go...DANCE .  

I've learned to dance in the rain...I love it when it rains, even if it does spoil your specially planned day. Just to hear the rains soft pitter patter as it hits the ground and pavement. The smell of it, and the knowing that it's giving life. The greenness after a rain. The power of a rain-shower, or the gentlest of it. All of it gives me happiness. So learn how to dance in it, and you'll soon find out that you love it .

God made rain for you and me, why not appreciate and enjoy it ? God loves it, I'm sure, otherwise He probably wouldn't have made it .So why not love and learn to dance in it ? Our God He loves us so much, and He created that one drop because He knew we needed it . So DANCE in it...And PRAISE the Lord !

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to Dance in the Rain"

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Erin said...

Yes, yes, oh yes! I've especially learned to appreciate the rain more this past year as we experienced dryness to the point of a drought. There have been some very thankful folks around here lately as the rain has been pouring down. :)

Beautiful post, Sarah Grace! It made me wish it was raining just so I could run out there and dance in it. :)