Tuesday, July 26

What's A Girl to DO ?

What's  a girl supposed to do when she receives the wonderful gift of writer's block?
Well, I must say that I’ve experienced the writer’s block quite a few times. Currently I am experiencing it, so thus the post of what you can do to overcome it!

 One of the things I do to conquer this terrible beast, is to post pictures I’ve taken or pictures from Google! I do it all the time:)  It helps to fill that dreadful space of whiteness.

Another thing is to just tell your bloggy friends what you have been doing lately.

 Sometimes, I give away my thoughts…I write down what I have been pondering, the thoughts that have been swirling in my head…I try to captivate my reader’s attention,        ( but sometimes I think I lose their attention ! LOL)  and try to touch their life and then… let God do the rest.

 Witness. Tell your readers what you have been learning lately in God’s word.

 Be crafty! Do a tutorial on a craft. Or, show them something you’ve made lately. Some people may like to get ideas from a craft that you made.

 I’m sure we could all think of more ideas to get rid of the Writer’s Block… But, I’m sure some of these ideas will help you!

  And if all else comes to fail, ramble or use your friend… the backspace key! Those two ways always work :) 


Erin said...

I could definitely put these ideas to good use as I get the dreaded writer's block all. the. time. The backspace key is definitely one of my BFF's. ;) Thanks for sharing!

The Tame Lion said...
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Emily said...

I thought of one way I could beat writer's block. (Most of the bloggers I know already use this, but I still have to make myself do it.)
On a creative day when you end up with two (or even three!) posts, set them up so they're ready to post, but are scheduled to automatically post a day (or a few days) later. Or save them as a draft for a day when the block gets really bad. :)