Monday, July 18

He Wants to Love You...

I'm back ! After being out of the blogging world for so long, It feels a little bit weird to be back in the rounds with it again :)
 I want to thank  joyfullgirl for doing a guest post while I was gone and giving you all a heads up of why I was gone :)And now, little miss Sarah is back .
   As I come back to the world of blogging, I feel refreshed, encouraged, rejuvenated, along with many other things. But most importantly, I feel that I am stronger in my faith with Christ . While I was detained from this little blog, I found answers I had been searching for . For a long time, I was dealing with some things that were affecting my walk with God . During the time I was gone, I went to a Bible conference with some friends . At the conference I found some of my questions starting to be answered . But, It wasn't until on the drive back home did I find assurance and the rest of my questions answered . On the car ride home, I started talking to my close friends about the conference...That conversation led into me talking about my questions and problems.That whole ride, my friends gave me guidance, reassurance, and helped me to find the answers . Now, I feel built up in my faith . I feel God's arms wrapped around me...holding me secure . My love for Him is growing and the will to serve Him . Yes, I still have those moments where I feel like I'm in the depths of despair, but I know I will never slip from HIS grip .

Do you feel God's arms around you ? Do you know for sure that he'll never let you slip from His grasp ? Do you believe that God died just especially for you...And that he was thinking of you while he was dying on the cross ? If you don't...Believe ! Because all of this is true! God loves you more than you can ever imagine . And He wants YOU . Believe in Christ...He's waiting for you with arms strecthed out wide, with love that is overflowing . 


Bailey said...

This is something I didn't dare believe until recently. Now that I do, it's changing my life.

And the trip home from the conference -- both times -- was better than the conference itself. We had some amazing discussions there. And we still need to take you out for coffee and a talk when we get back. :o)

Anna said...

What an encouraging post, Sarah!

I know after these kinds of experiences my joy and zeal just bubble up inside of me, and I want others to know what's happened, and how wonderful God is. It's good to know that somebody else finds God wonderful too.

Maria said...

I'm so glad you're feeling spiritually better. I was praying for you sister. Well, still am. It's amazing when you can just FEEL God's love surrounding you and his arms holding you!
I agree with Bailey! Our chats were great! I love you ladies!

The Tame Lion said...

Wonderful! Terrific!