Saturday, April 23

Once Upon a Time ... {Part 1 }

   Once upon a time ...There were two girls, Bethany Grace and Sarah Grace, who were going to a ball . The one girl had a yellow dress,but it needed altering . And the other ...Had not a dress.So the two girls decided that they would attempt to alter Sarah Grace's yellow dress together. Well, It was a task that distressed both girls, but soon... it was finished ! And Bethany Grace decided to sew her own dress. They now both had dresses ... Both equally beautiful  and poofy .

 With sheer delight and happiness ...The two Grace's tried on their dresses with squeals and laughter . Then it was picture time ! { Now, they tried to look real sophisticated and serious .  }
 And Bethany's brother promised to be our prince ...But he looked more like Batman :)
 And so with happiness ...These two Graces , these two princesses of the most High King , these two girls as close as two peas in a pod , were going to a ball.{With ball gowns :) }

Photo credit to Bethany's brother , Christian .

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Abby said...

Oh, how pretty! Those are lovely dresses.



Bekah said...

Beautiful!The dresses are sooooo pretty.You both did great job.Looks like it took a long time.
But with pros like you two,bet it didn't take long.

Bethany Grace said...

We squealed like little pigs. :)