Monday, April 25

{ She's Fourteen ... }

  About 6 or 7 years ago ... We first met .

  We were both terribly shy, and hid behind our mother's skirts . We didn't dare say a peep to one another in fear that we might melt if we did . But then, we broke our shells . It was the night of the homeschooler's basketball party . We both were sitting together with their hyper golden retriever . Soon, before we knew it,we were talking like we were best friends forever .

 About two years later, Bethany and her family decided to join our church . And ever since we have been super close . And it all started with that night sitting with the dog :)

 Now she's fourteen , and we've been best friends for over 4 years . I don't feel like she's just a friend ... She's a sister to me .

 I've emailed her or asked her to pray for me several times, and she always replies back with something cheerful and a hug . I've literally sobbed on her shoulder a couple of times ...Drenching her shirt . I've told her my problems, brought her things that I couldn't accomplish, and she helped me with them .

 Yes, she's not just a friend, she's someone special that God sent to me .

Without her I don't know where I would have ended up . Many times I've found myself slipping in my faith , and going into the grips of the world,and then...I just look at Bethany and her spiritual life and everything about her ...Her purity , her courage, her salvation, everything,and it helps me get back on track with God. 

 She has been such a godly influence in my life, and I thank God continually for her and others that have or are influencing my life for the Lord .

 So today, her birthday, April 26th, I just want to say ...Happy birthday, and thank you .


Go to her blogspot and wish her a happy birthday :)


Kara said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Flop! I love you!

Sarah, actually, her birthday was the 25th. :)

Bailey said...

Sarah...this is so precious. You truly have the most beautiful friendship. A kind of fairy tale sistership that you make up in bed when you're lonely, wondering if there's even such a thing as what you're dreaming about.

And again, Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Bethany Grace said...

Now look, you nasty sister, you've gone an made me cry. No, really, I'm sitting here by myself literally sobbing. *sheepish grin*

I love you so much!! And yes, that was one good thing Badger was meant for. :)

*big hugs*


Bethany Joy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETHANY! You're such a sweet friend!

Bethany Joy