Wednesday, April 13

{ Jars of Color }

 Ever since I was a little girl ... I always loved to look at my mother's colorful jars  that she displayed on the windowsills .

 I would take them down  and examine each one .
 After looking at each one closely , and fingering them ... I would pick my favorites , and then place each jar back on the windowsill .
  But , each time I put the jars back on the windowsill , I would  rearrange them .
 It was my little game that I played in my little world .

Even to this day ... I still love the jars . Their odd shapes , and brilliant colors . Not to mention the intricate designs on them . They are one of my favorite things .

Sarah Grace

* Note *  I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately ...But , I've been super busy .
I have an exciting post coming up , but unfortunately , I'll be gone babysitting my cousins from tomorrow - Mon.( And , yes ... I'll have to take another blog break.) ... So I've decided to give you a sneak peak  of this exciting post coming up that you won't want to miss :)
Also , I've decided to make my giveaway longer. Just for the fact that I'll be gone when the giveaway ends . So , I'll be ending my giveaway April 24th , instead of tomorrow . ( *Remember ... The more extra entries you do , the better chance you have of winning :)

And now , for your exciting sneak peek !

Have a great week !



Kara said...

Nice photography! May I quote your words "You're turning into a great photographer!"

Don't you just love Bethany's dress? Musta been fun!

Erin said...

I just love this post. The jars are so pretty, especially with the sunlight shining through!

Oh, the suspense...can't wait to read the upcoming post. :D

Bailey said...

*jaw drop* Your photography just gets more awesome each post. Loved, loved, loved it.

Can't wait for the special post. :)

Anna said...

I have those "likes" for certain things too...the smell of frozen pizza baking in the oven, people making supper in the kitchen when it's cold and dark outside (or anytime, actually) and certain smells as well. :)


You have a nice week too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! The colors and shapes are enchanting. ^.^

Bekah said...

You're becoming quite the photographer,Sarah!
I can see why you like those jars.So pretty and full of color.