Friday, March 18

Spring Has Come ...

 Rejoice !

Spring has finally reached Wisconsin ! You cannot even imagine the joy I had when I stepped out into the bright , sunshiny morning  and discovered that it was Spring ! The air was warm , but still had it's crisp to it ... The sun was warming the muddy earth and casting its rays upon my pale face ...The birds were singing a joyous melody , and there was a soft wistful breeze  . There was the sound of water running into little streams . {It was a soft gurgle. } Then I heard the the warm breeze sweep through the now dry grass  and the few leaves that bedded the woods forest ground . Spring has truly come .

Now , each day ... I take a little walk to our woods and let the sunshine warm me and dye  my hair that sweet golden color that it is in the summer . I love it !

Spring really has truly come .

Happy Spring !

{I'll be putting more spring quotes on my blog  soon ! }


HannahGrace said...

I <3 Spring too! Here is South Carolina, though, it was over 80 degrees today! it got too hot too fast. :-P Hopefully it will cool down back to the 60s-70s weather I love the most. It's too early to get so hot. Though...80s isn't so bad for SC, sometimes it gets to be over 100 degrees! >.<

I really like your blog! Breezes through the meadow...sounds like Spring itself. <3

~Hannah Grace

Erin said...

Yes, yes, oh yes! :) The same spring-like changes are taking place around here and I am so excited.

Love the quote!

Bethany said...

Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

My dearest,

Do you remember the promise God gave us about the seasons and days?
"While the earth remaineth,seedtime and harvest,and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Gen. 8:22). Spring will come despite the 12" of snow we received this week. He is so good.

Love you,