Sunday, March 6

Giveaway Winner ...

The title probably confused you ... So let me explain .

 Unfortunately , the girl that won the ice-cream cone earrings , didn't claim her prize in time .  So , I had to pick a new winner .

So the the second winner of the ice-cream cone earrings is ...

Lauren !

Congrats, Lauren !

Please, comment back on this post with your email address , to claim your prize . ( Comment will not be published .)

You have until March 8th to claim your prize .

Again , Congratulations for winning ,And I would like to thank everyone for entering :)

Love ya'll !


Kendra said...

I left a comment!!! :( I guess it didn't go through...*tears*

Anonymous said...

Aww, sorry Kendy. :(

Kendra said...

Okay, that's alright! I don't like jewelry a ton anyways, I just didn't see my comment published & thought you didn't get it at all. ;)