Wednesday, November 24


 What are your blessings ? Do you count them everyday ? Or do you just realize them at Thanksgiving ? You know , we should be giving thanks everyday of our lives , Not just one day out of the year . Most of the time we just look at the things going wrong in our lives , not the things that are giving us joy , beauty , love , freedom , etc.(Well , at least I know that I do that .) So , I'm going to try to count my blessings everyday ... Starting now !

I'm thankful for ... My faith !
 I'm thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ ! Without Him, I would be like a lost sheep . I wouldn't have the JOY I have now . Lets just say I wouldn't be me without Him .

I could write more , but it is extremely late . So ... I will leave you with these questions . What are your blessings?  And what  are you thankful for ?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody ! Don't forget to thank God for your blessings !


Bailey said...

I'm thankful for all the times I can give a hug to a friend and get one back.....for baby Caroline smiles.....for splitting sides on Floppeth's bunk bed while supposedly doing chemistry.....for baking in the kitchen......for the first snowfall.....for a God Who continues to amaze me every day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah, from a "sister" who counts you as one of her biggest blessings! *hug*

Bethany said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maria said...

I am thankful for everything: friends, family, food, no school, my violin and tons of other stuff! And I have WAAAAAAAAAY too many blessings to count!