Monday, November 22


 Hey Everyone ! Just thought I would give you a little update of what I've been doing lately .

On Fridays I do ice-skating ( Which I love ) .On Mondays and Wednesdays ( occasionally ) I will go watch my dad play basketball , or watch some friends play in a v-ball league . But besides those three things happening during the week , My life is pretty dull . All the other days I do school , and when I'm finished ... I pick up The Chronicles of Narnia , And find myself in a different world ! I am absolutely loving the book ! Right now I'm reading Prince Caspian . ( Once I finish it I will compare it to the movie ! LOl ) Besides all of the above ... the only other thing I am missing out is play practice for our church play . We had our first practice last Sunday ( yesterday ) . It was so much fun . I loved being a whole new person , a whole new attitude ! Yeah , It was incredibly fun ! Talking of plays ... I am going to be in a play called , Night at the Wax Museum . I simply cannot wait for the practices to start ! My part is Polly Sneed . I am a villain , Who is extremely ditsy ! I have to admit , it sorta matches my personalty . ( I can be quite ditsy in a way !) Anyways I'm super excited for it . ( I'll post a video clip of the play soon )

Sorry if this has been lame or dull . My greatest apology . Soon , I'll get one decent post together ! ( Scolds me-self ! ) Have a great week everybody !


Kendra said...

Sounds like fun! I'm reading the first Narnia book for the fifth time. I really like those books! :D

Kara said...

Sounds like your life can be interesting at times!!!

Hope you have fun at the plays!!!

Bailey said...

Sarah! I just love you! You're so cheery and fun. And your life sounds so interesting right now...plays, watching live sports and The Chronicles of Narnia.

I had a blast watching you practice last Sunday. LOL! I pity Stacy and Hannah -- how they can keep I straight face, I'll never know. You're gonna do SUPER AWESOME and I can't wait to see what you can do with Polly Sneed too!

Bethany said...

Yes you can be ditsy m'dear - :) ((come slug me next time you see me. ;)

Can't wait for both plays - they're going to be great!

Miss you lots!

Hannah said...

Sarah...oh m'goodness! I'm never ever going to not laugh in the're so hilarious, I try really hard not to doesn't work very well.

Anyways, why did they change your last name 'Popper' to 'Sneed' is what I want to know. Why are you, Sloane, and Maria all of a sudden a family??? not get it..

When you compare the movie and the book, you'll like the book MUCH'll see.

Do you have ice skating lessons?? I wondered that, but have never asked you before.

A-herm. Sarah. you...are...not...ditsy. *clears throat* (are you listening???) Aherm. Sarah. YOU ARE NOT the play you are 'ditsy', in real life...aherm. you're not ditsy, is all I can say.

Wait, wait, wait, wait! Are you saying you're not going to be here for the christmas play practice? Did I misunderstand you?

How can you clip a thing of the play? We haven't even got our scripts yet. Wait, which one? I'm very confused.

I loved this post..'tis not lame nor dull. In fact, I find it very interesting.

I cannot possibly wait for any of the plays, either.

Happy Thanksgiving! (or should I say 'Happy Thanksgiving cleaning??!')

Maria said...

I can't wait for the play to stat either! I'll finally get to see some of my friends I haven't seen for a month!!!

Bekah said...

Your post are decent!I actually thoroughly enjoy them!

I loooove the Narnia books!I actually have two whole sets and have read them like six times through.They never get boring!Did you notice that the book Prince Caspian isn't that much like the movie?I can't wait 'til The Voyage of the Dawn Treader comes to theaters.I hope we can go see it!