Monday, November 29


The other day , my mom and sister , Stacy , Watched a movie called WWJD  What Would Jesus Do ?  ( Please watch it ! ) I loved the movie ! It was inspiring , exciting , captivating  . Who doesn't like a movie that holds your attention ? But after I watched it , the letters  WWJD  really hit me  , and caught hold . What would Jesus do ?

Would he fight with his sister ( If he had one ) Like two cats fighting for a mouse ? Would He talk back to His parents ? Would He obey the very instant His parents asked him to do something ? Or would He say " Just a minute !" ? Would He procrastinate and then say " Oops ! Sorry I didn't get that finished ! " Would He gossip ?

Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ? Would He ?

Those words pounded against my head like a hammer hitting a nail . "Would He" . No , he wouldn't fight with His sister. No , He wouldn't talk back to His parents . Yes , He would obey the very instant . No , He wouldn't procrastinate . No , He wouldn't gossip ... And all the questions and answers go on .

What Would Jesus Do . At that time I felt ashamed as I thought of all the things that Jesus Would Do , and I hadn't . I felt guilty and shameful as I walked to my bedroom . I closed the door , then kneeled . I then asked Jesus to help me do, What HE Would Do .

So please , ask yourself this question once in awhile , WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ? 



Bethany said...

WWJD - about everything I don't do...

Ack - it's so hard not to snap back or give the sisterly "glare"

It's so hard to reverse the natural desire of the flesh.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

So true sarah... great reminder! Kind of random but does stacy have a blog too? if she does could you send me the link? Thanks!! :)


Kendra said...

Good points! I'll think about this.

Maria said...

Right on Sarah! Never heard of the move though! I too have stopped to think what would He do. See you Thursday sister! ;P

Sarah said...

Lindsey , Sorry , Stacy doesn't have a blog . I try to convince her to get one , but she states that she is too busy ! Miss you !

Bethany , LOL ! I know !Your so true . Sometimes you just feel like glaring ! Can't wait for Thurs. Luv ya !

Maria , Can't wait for the play on Thursday ! Love you !

Love ya'll ! Sarah

Anonymous said...

I've come to realize how good of a writer you are turning into. You are one smart whipersnapper! Keep it up. Yes, that movie was very good. I know I need to be more concious of WWJD, because many times I'm not- I do what I WANT to do. Love ya sis! ~Stacy

Bailey said...

I read this when it came out. And I didn't comment, because it was so simple in its profundity.

And it hurt to think about.

Because what Jesus would do...well, I'll never be a fraction as holy, perfect, good and loving as He would. And I want to be like Jesus. So that means - ouch - killing sin. My pet sins, too.

It's mind boggling how perfect I can seem until I compare myself to Jesus. It's then that I love grace.

Fantastic post, Sarah. Made me think. {{{hug}}}

Bekah said...

It seems depressing some times when you think about how perfect Jesus is and how unperfect we are.It isn't all ways easy to do what Jesus would.As a matter of fact it's impossible!If we always did what He would...we'd be perfect!'s something we're supposed to strive toward,but will never succed at.

I loved this post and how you touch upon one of the most important questions...what would Jesus do?