Sunday, October 10

:: about time ::

I apologize for not writing a post in nearly three weeks . But October is probably one of my busiest months . So I decided to not blog simply because it would be impossible to find time to write any posts . But now things are slowing down and blogging will be back to normal .

Now on to the post ...

A few weeks ago , It rained for a week , resulting in flooding and opportunities to take pictures . So I grabbed my camera and started snapping .( The whole time I was trying to keep my camera out of the rain .)

And now the pictures ...

P.s. There are also some pictures from a recent walk I took.

Mushrooms .

Cobwebs on mushrooms .
Water droplets on wire .

Water droplets on leaves .

Rain droplets on our wood siding .
Hope you enjoyed the pictures !

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Bethany said...

They're lovely m'dear! Welcome back to posting!