Thursday, July 22

The same day Flop came over to sew skirts , we also went swimming and made lotion and lip balm . So in this post , I will show you how to make Berry and Sour Apple lotion and lip balm .

*Sorry about the picture ! *

Gather your supplies . You will need :Beeswax ,non-scented lotion , sunflower oil , flavorings ( you can use flavorings such as , lemon , vanilla, almond ... Preferably use citrus flavorings. ) Dye ( the dye will color your lotion and lip balm .) Shimmer , ( you can use crushed eyeshadow .) And empty lotion and lip balm canisters and Labels .

~ Step 1 ( for lip balm )
Melt your Sunflower oil and beeswax together for 30 seconds . After 30 seconds , take out and stir , and put back in microwave for another 30 seconds . ( Repeat step 2 several times , until beeswax is melted .)
~ Step 2
After beeswax and oil is melted , put in flavorings , shimmer and dye . Mix well . Then you can fill your lip balm canisters . After canisters are filled , write labels and put on your bottles. And then you have your lip balm !!!!!
~ For lotion
Fill bottles half way with the non-scented lotion . After bottles are filled half-way , put scent , shimmer, and dye in bottles . Shake . Then fill the bottles the rest of the way with the lotion . And there you have your lotion !
Here are the finished products !!Flop made the beautiful sour apple labels! Here we have the lotion and lip balm in gift bags !

My two friends and I displaying our lip balms and lotions !
And that is how you make lotion and lip balm ! It is very messy , I have to warn you , so be prepared to scrape wax off of the tables and out of the bowls ! LOL !
~ Happy spa making day !!!
The Spa Maker : Sarah


Bailey said...

You must be reading Flop's blog lately, Miss Sarah. ;o)

I must admit that the extent of my exposure to your lovely products was the unscented green lotion. Or rather, it was scented, in its own weird way.

We must have y'all over to our house sometime! Oh, yeah, are coming over. *smacks head teenagerly*

Bethany said...

Sarah ~ Wow we look like - smooshed. :D


P.s. I had so much fun!

Rebekah said...

Who's idea was it to make those?It was a good one!The finished product looks lovely!
You say the job is messy?Than it's a good thing I was't there.You'd be doing more than scraping wax from the table and bowls!:D

Rebekah said...

Neat idea! I'll have to try it out sometime!

You have a beautiful blog!

In Christ,

Sarah said...

Thanks Rebekah ! Also thankyou for joining my blog ! Love ya ! Sarah

Hannah said...

Now THAT was disaterious!

P.s. I can't believe I didn't post a comment on this one before!!