Wednesday, July 28

Horrors with Sewing

We were extremely excited !!!! Kara P. and I were invited to Flop's house for a day of sewing cute little baby dresses , for Carolina's birthday . I arrived early at Flop's house ... so we decided to hang up the laundry for wonderful Mrs. Bergmann . Then we waited for Kara to come . When she came , we eagerly looked through the baby patterns . We chose our patterns , expecting them to be simple little things, although we would soon find out that only the best seamstress could figure them out !!! We started with high hopes! After picking out our fabric , we started cutting out the pattern pieces . An hour later... the pieces were finally cut out , but only after re-cutting the pieces several times and getting our fingers pricked with pins nearly ten times , we were ready to sew . And I have to say , our spirits were starting to plummet.Three sewing machines going at once , we were finally on to the sewing part . It didn't start out too well , though . Oops ! Kara accidentally sewed her arm holes shut , and one of her pieces were larger than the other ! Flop didn't have enough fabric , so she needed to find something similar to match the rest of her pieces . I didn't sew my seam right on the top part of my dress , so I took out the good 'ole' seam ripper and started ripping . Two hours later ... We were frustrated , exhausted and impatient with each other ! I couldn't sew my arm hole right , Kara's dress turned into a pinafore , Bethany was having some sort of problem of her own , and was trying to help Kara and me with our problems !( Did I mention Kara and me both were burned by the iron !) Yes , we were in a sad state ! The lunch bell finally rang , and we gladly fled the sewing room to get some fresh air ! After lunch , none of us wanted to return to the sewing room which had thread all over the place and scraps of material everywhere ! But we had to finish the dresses for Caroline ! Marching back to the room , we started again ! Three hours later ... our dresses were finished ! I had taken out seam after seam , pricked my finger several times , had a huge , ugly button hole , but it was a baby dress. I had Caroline come in and model the dress , which she wasn't so thrilled to do ! But it did look cute on her . Mrs . Brergmann said the dresses were adorable. But she had no idea what we went through . After cleaning up the mess in the room , we gladly left the sewing room , hoping never to return to it , again . However, after playing a good hour , we were perfectly happy;although we agreed never to sew a baby dress again !!!!!!!! At seven , Kara and I left the Bergmann house and told my mother the horrible experience we had sewing, but we did feel very accomplished in what we did . Now,I have to say ... I would rather buy a baby dress any day , than sew one !!!!! Oh well, some sewing days are better than others.

The Seamstress : Sarah


Bailey said...

Pardon me but I *cough* just have to *struggle* burst out laughing! You poor girls. And you were the most cheerful of all. I must say, though, the dresses did turn out oh-so-cute. It might be a stretch to say that was worth it, but anyways.

Sarah said...

Thanks Bailey ! You are so sweet and kind ! Happy Birthday , by the way ! love you ! Sarah

Bethany said...

Brergmann? *cough* last I checked it was Bergmann. :D

Anyhoo - it was extremely fun! And although we nearly sunk in the muck (mediforish you know - although down by the river than was almost true!) we still got our heads above the dark waters of baby dress sewing!


Sarah said...

Oops ! Sorry about the name ! LOL ! Sarah