Saturday, July 17

A Day of Sewing

After some begging and pleading to my mother , she finally gave in and said that I could have over my best friend ,Bethany Bergmann, to sew skirts !! I was bubbling over with excitement and could hardly wait for Thursday to come ! But somehow I made it through the week , and found myself in the car with my sister , Stacy, driving to pick up Bethany and her two sisters Bailey and Hannah . After picking them up , we drove to Walmart , where Flop ( Bethany ) and I picked out our skirt pattern , squealed over all the fabrics that we could choose from , chose the beautifully colored ribbon we wanted , and then picked out our matching thread color . We did a couple more things in the store , and before we knew it , an hour flew by , and we found ourselves walking to the car . When we arrived at my house , we quickly set up our sewing machines and everything else , and started the process of making skirts !

In this picture , Bethany looks at the directions , and helps me get started with the pattern pieces .

Flop carefully presses her seam down , and while doing so , told me how she has broken three irons !!!

Here I sew my waistband .

Oops !!! Flop made a mistake and had to take out a couple seams .

Our beautifully sewn skirts all finished ! You would not know the pride I felt from sewing and FINISHING my first drawstring skirt. I would not have been able to do it , though , if it had not been for Flops help !

The bottom of our skirts .

Flops finished skirt ! Her skirt was a little harder , because she had a flounce at the bottom .

Here is my skirt ! I loved the pattern and the material we both chose !
Flop and I had so much fun sewing our skirts , that we plan on maybe getting together again soon , to sew and make dresses for Caroline .( Flop's baby sister ) We also plan on wearing our skirts on Sunday ! The day was extremely fun , and I can't wait to sew with Flop again , soon !
The Happy Sewer : Sarah


Anonymous said...

I do have to admit... it was wrong about you saying you would never finish a skirt in one day, and do it by yourself. I guess I was totally off... not only did you finish it in a day, but you did it in like 2 hours... if that? And I think your passing me up in my very few sewing skills. Your so good at sewing... you should keep it up. Part of it is because you don't worry about perfection. You just take the chances. And by the way you did a nice job selecting your fabric, even admist your pesky sister tring to give you options. I like how your independent...I would freak out if I had to pick my fabric. So when are you going to sew something for me? You got yourself into it... showing off those mad skills of yours... LOL! love you!!!!!!! Stacy

Bailey said...

Was that waistband sewing picture before or after the fabric bunched up? ;o)

You girls looked so sweet in your finished skirts. So proud of you both! We had a blast at your house, even us lazy non-sewers.

Bethany said...

*cough* You forgot to say that wasn't the finished product (my skirt) -- I actually hid the ugly parts I messed up on and later ripped them out completely. :D

Love you Sarah! I had a lot of fun!


Katie said...

Your skirts appear as if they turned out awesome! I would love to finish one, but I'd rather skip the process in between. :-) Good luck!

Sarah said...

Stacy , You're so sweet ! I love you , Too ! Sarah

Bethany , I thought the people reading the blog didn'y need to know that you messed up on the flounce . But I liked your skirt with it being messed up too . It was still beautiful ! Love you, Sarah

Bailey , Even though you didn't accomplish much (LOL) you still had a couple of interesting talks . I'm glad you guys had fun ! Wuv yew ! Sarah

Thanks Katie ! I thought the skirts were pretty awesome ,too ! Love ya ! Sarah

Anonymous said...

My dearest Sarah,

I am so thankful you have a friend who loves to sew and is willing to share her talents with you. I love your skirt and am wondering if you could whip one up in my size next? Keep that sewing machine humming,sweetness. Love you, Mom

*Hannah** said...

That was soo fun...even though I didn't sew! :) (I loved swimming!)

If that was you think when we become professional seamstresses, then we'll make a civil war ball gown to pay for our fair passes?? :) LOL
(And besides, I'm sending a "million" stories for stone soup, and each story will pay for two passes plus four dollars extra!)

P.s. Sorry I've not been posting comments on long-gone posts! Even though it's very fascinating to read old posts!